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Day 18 – How do you feel about astrology? What’s your sign, baby, and do you think it matches your personality?

I’m curious what you guys think about this. Here is a little bit of information about each astrological sign. Does it fit your personality?
Aries: lively, energetic and a dare devil
Gemini: seeks lots of variety in life
Leo: warm, bright and self-motivated (great hair)
Libra: Mr. Nice Guy
Sagittarius: always on the move looking for adventures
Aquarius: “You’re a born revolutionary so no one can tell you how to live your life”
Taurus: cautious, practical and purposeful (bullish – so stand back)
Cancer: highly caring, generous and intuitive
Virgo: a group of people known for their perfectionism and “highly analytical minds”
Scorpio: some say icy, some say sexy
Capricorn: THE BEST SIGN EVER!!! (hard working goat climbing the mountain)
Pisces: emotional, with great capabilities of empathy

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So clearly I am a Capricorn. And I am also one of those people who appreciates astrology because when I read about my sign I do feel a connection to the sign that I was born under. Yes- I do feel like a goat always climbing a mountain. I actually feel like my astrological sign is more revealing to describe who I am than the results of my Myers-Brigg tests.

I used to really get into Sue Miller’s Astrologyzone every month when it was fun. I stopped reading it when I noticed I was using it to search for answers. Desperate times, ya’ll.

But I do explain myself often by saying, “well I AM an earth sign!” This pretty much means I need to be grounded and secure. I can take flight as long as I know that I will be coming back down. I often wonder if my feet are so big because I need to feel stable standing in more ways than one…

Day 19 – How do you (and your partner if applicable) feel about PDA? Does your husband/wife/partner know that you blog and if so are they involved?

I am totally old school about PDA. I don’t like seeing or being in a couple make out or anything beyond in a public place. I think hand holding, hugs, pecks, taps on the butt, shoulder squeezes, and loving gazes are awesome…in public. Whatever happens when I’m not at the same mall as you is your business.

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