Ok fine. I’m not getting married. I’m getting bummed. In addition to not having a sidekick to my life I also don’t have all the COOL STUFF that a person gets when they find and marry their side kick. I routinely discover, when asking a friend about a cool gadget or appliance that it was a gift given upon the occasion of their wedding. I should state up right up front that I am very pro wedding gifts and registries. I am so pro that I want one of my own. The reality is that it will probably years before I find someone plaid enough to put up with and celebrate me. YEARS. And that means that it will be years before I get cool gadgets.

You remember that Sex in the City episode in season 6 where Carrie got irked about having to purchase fabulous wedding gifts for her friends and get nothing in return? Her solution was to declare that she was married to herself. To celebrate she registered for one pair of shoes at Manolo Blahnik.

I am not annoyed about buying lavish wedding gifts for friends (probably because my friends that are married never received expensive wedding gifts from me) but I do envy them at being able to gleefully add things to a list and hope that someone will stock up their home with brand new items. My friend Marta recently announced her engagement and tonight we talked about wedding registries. She wrinkled up her nose at the idea of registering for expensive things or really asking for gifts at all. I told her that she must!  And if possible she should register for two things (and pass off the extra to this lady right here).

But just in case that doesn’t happen I have decided that I should go ahead and have a registry. A “I’m Not Getting Married, But I Still Should Have Grown Up Things” registry. Here we go:

single girl registry

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