Day 12 – Tell us about the first time you got drunk or tipsy (as far as you can remember…) Do you ever stop yourself from telling too much when you write on-line or do you think you tell too much?

ha ha ha ha ha… No. I won’t be answering this question. Which is kind of a perfect way of saying that there actually are things that I stop myself from sharing. I will freely share a lot of information about a lot of things. However there are certainly areas of my life that I just like to keep for me. Now if I had some amazing story to tell I would share it. But I imagine my answer to this question is typical. And who want’s to read typical??

Day 13 – Tell us about the best job you ever had, and the worst. Do you ever blog or read blogs while at work? Do you ever quote or reference blogs while at work?

When I was in school in NYC I worked during the weekends at a theme restaurant. That was not the best job. (But it was fun at times, I will admit that. It was actually such a trip that well over a decade later a good group of us still regularly connect.) But the BEST JOB EVER was a job that I only had for a few days as a temp.

For three days, for 8 hours of those days, I showed up to an office and sat in a cubicle. I was given a list of names and numbers to call and every call was the exact same message to relay with the exact same details to give and get. In any other universe that job description would be horrible.

But my message was, “Hi you are going to be on kid jeopardy!*”

Best job ever!

*The show was actually called Jep! and was only on for one season on the GSN. I think the 1st episode aired after I had already moved to LA so I never got a chance to see any of the kids that I called.

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