Day 8 – If you had to teach something, what would you teach? (If you DO teach, when did you discover your love for teaching/the subject?) Do you think blogs can play a role in education?

When I was in the 2nd and 3rd grade I remember being QUITE certain that I would be a teacher. I had a wonderful 1st grade teacher: Oh how I loved Mrs. Jones with her super cool bee keeper husband and her using puppets for every lesson and how she would play Stravinsky’s Firebird when she felt like we were getting too still…

So obviously in the 2nd I studied my teachers so that I could emulate them as well and become super awesome when the grown up years happened.

Sadly my first 2nd grade teach did not like children. It happens. She was sad and miserable and I was mistakenly enrolled in a super Christian school in a small town in Alabama because my Grandmother knew people on the board and she could get me enrolled without much to do. It was not a good fit for me at the school (oh boy is that another story!) and it was not a good fit for a job for this woman.

My second 2nd grade teacher was appropriately named Mrs. Smiley and she was crazy-cakes. Just a wee bit manic and extreme. She had that big swoop of long blonde hot-rollered hair with the crunchy dippity-doo ends and the peacock-blue eye shadow that slowly bled to her cheeks by lunch. She was one of those wild gesture teachers- always getting her reading glasses caught in the cascading multi-colored beads of necklaces draped around her neck like a random after thought. She liked to say things like, “I’ll hang you up by a tree if you don’t settle down!” and “Good Night, Nurse! Ya’ll are driving me BONKERS!”

During the summer between second and third grade I saw a series of movies that featured robots. (I know one of them might have also been a Benji movie.) I started to freak out. Seriously. These were the Reagan years people and while I was not watching the nightly news I was aware of things in the world. I became convinced, SERIOUSLY, convinced that by the time I was a grown up there would be no need for human teachers. I was certain that robots would be teachers.

This was so incredibly sad to be that I stopped saying I wanted to be a teacher. Because I didn’t want to hear anyone tell me, “well what will you do when the robots are teachers?” OH MY GAWD!!

As for now? I think we all know what I would be teaching if I was a teacher:

teaching plaid

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