Day 7 – What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Do you read food blogs or would you ever consider writing one?

coffee cupBreakfast: I am a huge fan of breakfast. I could easily eat breakfast food stuffs for every meal. Cereal? YES! Eggs? I’ll eat them pretty much every way you are serving them. Toasted breads with jam or butter? Oh ALL DAY. And clearly breakfast beverages are something that I cherish dearly. Coffee is my long-time friend.

The best breakfast I have ever had, one that I crave often, is a breakfast that I had at the French Roast Cafe in NYC in the late 90’s. Cinnamon cappuccino to drink. On the plate: mixed berries, crispy roasted potatoes tossed in olive oil and rosemary, and a fluffy egg-white omelette with asparagus and brie cheese. THE BEST.

Lunch: To me lunch is all about a quality sandwich. I grew up loving Millie’s amazing homemade egg salad. We also ate cream-cheese and green olive sandwiches. (calm down, it is quite nummy) My favorite sandwich now is: combine wasabi mayonnaise, cheddar cheese, sweet apple slices, cooked turkey bacon between two slices of sourdough bread. Then press it on an iron skillet with a large can of beans (or if you are fancy, a Panini grill). Obviously kettle chips must be served with.

Dinner: Easy dinner loves are obvious: pizza, home-made mac n cheese, lasagna….any sort of cheese and noodle or cheese and bread combination will be a win for me. But if we are having a fantasy dinner moment I would love for you to take me OUT to eat. And then I would love to eat something Japanese or Chinese or flat-wok-ish. I would love to sit around a large table with you and share a bottle of wine and split an appetizer and splurge on a dessert.

I love food blogs. LOVE. Sadly I don’t read them as often as I want to and I find that if I have a list of unread food blogs and a list of unread memoir blogs the food blogs will continue to be neglected. I love how photography has become a part of food blogs in such a huge way – food porn! I have fallen in love with a recipe based on a blogger’s photos long before reading the list of ingredients.

I don’t have the fire in my belly to write a food blog of my own- I loved sharing Millie’s recipes with you guys, it was like she got to have a little blog for a while and that was really special for me. If I ever DID start a food blog it would have to be something like, “How to Stop the Cilantro Madness and Win Back Your Friends”.

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