Day 6 – When was the last time you tried something new? What was it and what was the result? Have you ever done something just so that you could blog about it?

curry powderI’m not such a big fan of “new” but I am finding typing those words to be pretty funny as I look them on wordpress’s new zen screen. That’s right, I don’t like change unless it has an appointment, but I am totally and 100% in love with this unexpected feature in the latest update to my blog’s CMS. Just writing on such a smooth and clear screen is inspiring. I wish I wasn’t so effing tired so that I could write on and on and on and on. You are welcome for recognizing that I really should just do this quickly and get on to bed…I tend to be a pretty crappy blogger when I am sleepy and people I am SLEEPY.

Here is a list of other recent new things I have tried:

• I added curry to my potato salad – THUMBS UP!

• I tried the 70 cent generic version of orange flavored tang/ crystal lite- THUMBS DOWN

• I watched a new show on the USA Network called Suits- THUMBS UP!!!!

• I e-mailed two people directly when I had an issue instead of pouting about it – THUMBS UP

• I made ice cubes out of leftover morning coffee- THUMBS UP!

• I tried Trader Joe’s graham crackers- THUMBS DOWN

• I got inspired by an idea and presented it directly to my boss at my new job- THUMBS UP

As far as doing something just so I could blog about it- ha! Daily.

What new things have you tried lately?


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