Welcome to the 1st day of Summer Camp!

Day 1 – Provide a photo or sketch or dramatic rendering of the space where you normally blog:

Once upon a time I had a fantastic and stunning desk that I blogged from. It belonged to Millie’s father and then he gave it to my Grandfather and then my Grandfather gave it to me. I love this desk. But it is still hanging out in storage with other parts of our life waiting for us to be ready for it.

While I wait, I blog from the sofa, from a coffeeshop near W’s pre-school, and mostly in the wee hours of the night from a sort of make-shift desk that I created on top of these Ikea bookshelves.

And bonus! Today is also Photo Friday! This week’s theme was vibrance.  I FINALLY after, oh my goodness, ages and ages of him begging for it, allowed W to open this clear plastic duffel bag of play-doh that he was given last year (yes, a full year ago) at BlogHer. I heard that they were having fun with play-doh at school and his teacher said that he was very into it. In my head “very into it” meant “budding claymation artist” – but as it it turns out “very into it” ended up meaning that W was very into holding up the yellow jars and saying, “WOW! PLAY-DOH!!”


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