open adviceA year ago I started a small series here called “Open Advice” and it continues to be one of the more popular posts on my blog. (Don’t believe me? I have a widget all the way down in my footer that backs me up. Widget. Widget. Widget. Sorry. I just love saying that word.) While most of my “popular” posts are just posts about my big events like the crazy canceled IVF and the one where my water broke at home when everyone told me that would NEVER happen, the Open Advice thread is actually a post that doesn’t really belong to me. It belongs to you guys.

For those that are new to the concept: I was inspired to create these posts by thinking about the coins next to the cashier at the checkout. The “Take a penny if you need a penny, leave a penny if you have a penny” philosophy was something that I thought could translate well into the world of advice giving. Many of us aren’t experts on giant topics but chances are there are a handful of things, of tips, that we know that other people would LOVE to know.

Last year someone asked about how to get a smell out of a room and someone left a comment to use coffee grounds. I can not TELL you the number of times I have used this and the number of people I have passed this advice on to!  (it totally works)

Here are “the rules” for Open Advice:

• Leave a question in the comments. Something you might ask google or something you might ask a friend, whatever. It can be about anything and everything. The people reading this blog are from all walks of life so chances are there will be someone who can answer your question or point you towards a good starting place.

• If you don’t have a question, read the questions. If you can answer a question click “reply” under that specific question and reply.

• If you want to/ need to ask a question or reply anonymously you can – but do not use “anonymous” as shield for mean remarks. I have no room for that in this space.

Tell your readers to come ask and answer questions! The more people we have helping each other out the more fun and helpful this will be.

[Here are other Open Advice posts from last year – did you ask a question? Did you remember to see if it got an answer?]

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