Obviously my son has THREE Godparents. Why wouldn’t he? I hand-picked each one for a specific reason. And because I grew up in an era of ridiculous movie plots where there is always some tragic event and then a letter is read to the child and he finds out that suddenly a Godparent is going to raise him and he has no idea WHY I vowed that would never happen. I picked these people because they know me to my core and still love me anyway. I picked them because they have good stories to tell. And I picked them because I need them to flesh out the part of parenting that I can’t provide.

It’s hard with W as a toddler to really have him GET that these are the people who will be teaching him about math, growing vegetables, Alice Walker…among a million other things. Right now he is just learning that beyond his Mother and his Lolly there are these other people who love him fiercely.

This past week his Godmother, Dr. Molly, was in town. I decided that we should do a good and proper gather of all of the Godparents on Saturday. I will simply say things would have been smoother if W had napped beforehand. I was also just sparking with random stress. Thankfully these are not just W’s people, but MY people so it was a safe place to just sort of flop about.

I am amused that I have claimed the term “Godparent” when so far we have not introduced God into the equation. But I wouldn’t know what honorific to give these amazing and important people if that word wasn’t there.

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