Because it is not running on the front page of my site some of you may not realize that there is a giveaway happening on my blog. And it’s a GOOD one. So go here if you want to enter to win the $100 Walgreens gift card from BlogHer. All you have to do is leave a comment. Super easy.

[OH! And my first day at my job was lovely. I will be writing more later, but super smart group of women are my bosses, I’ll be working from home,  and after one day I felt very Mary Tyler Moore. Good stuff.]

Now on to the survey results – with a quick note: I usually stop collecting results once I reach 100 because anything beyond that I can not access without paying for an upgrade on Survey Monkey. And usually I am home on Monday evenings and can check in on the survey stats as they are coming in and sort of catch it when #100 happens. Sometimes I miss it by a few surveys and I kick myself for not being able to read the results of the end of the day survey takers.

This monday I checked on the stats and they were at 97. I was about to go out to dinner and there was no way I was going to check survey stats at a meal! So I closed the survey early. I’m only telling you this to save any math people out there the headache of trying to make the percentages add up to 100%. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

I am most creative when it is

48.5% need things bright and sunny {doesn’t that make it hard to look at your computer screen??}
19.6% feel the muse visit when it is rainy and moody
15.5% embrace the comfort when things are dark and still
10.3% feel the spark when it is dark and exciting
6.2% of us like to be creative within a grey and foggy day {this is me. and if it cold I feel even more creative}

Toe Rings?

Well due to a typo the actual question was “to rings (in theory)” – which I imagine was all kinds of confusing for everyone. These percentages speak to both “to rings” (whatever that may mean) and those that, bless them, were able to understand that I meant “toe rings”.
72.2% said yes
27.8% said no

I wonder, now that you KNOW…toe rings? Yes? No?

Pick one

35.1% Funnel Cake
34% Soft Pretzel
11.3% Corn Dog
10.3% Kettle Corn
8.2% Cotton Candy
1% Fried Twinkie

Do you currently have bangs?

64.9% do NOT have bangs
24.7% sort of have bangs
10.3% DO have bangs

I am glad I made “sort of” an option because with bangs there is never a yes or no, there is ALWAYS the in between…

Pick one

64.9% picked silver
35.1% picked gold

And for some reason I find this soooooo interesting. I picked silver but I always thought that more people would have selected gold.

Pick one

75.3% selected the necktie
14.4% picked a bowtie
10.3% said ascot

If I was a man I like to think I would TRY to rock a bowtie…but I do find the optical illusion of the necktie to be sort of slimming, elongating the face and all. Just having a tangent moment, don’t mind me.

Pick one

52.6% selected the window
46.4% are all about the aisle
1% (WHO ARE YOU???!!!) said center

I do wonder, those of you that picked an aisle seat like I did – is it because of easy bathroom access or leg stretching desires?

Pick one

79.4% selected shower
20.6% said bath

Simply saying “pick one” in a survey is interesting – because you guys don’t know what I am asking and I don’t know how you are going to perceive my question. I wonder now who answered this question as “pick how you clean yourself most often” and who answered this question as “pick how you prefer to clean yourself”…does that change things?

Pick one

58.8% will have the salad
41.2% would like to know the soup of the day

Pick one

44.3% are going for the gossip section
24.7% need the comics
23.7% ask you to hand over the crossword puzzle
5.2% say please stop mocking the word jumble
2.1% are arm wrestling you for the sports section

Another moment where I wonder what you perceived the question to be. Did you answer it as “what is your favorite part of the paper?” or maybe even “what is the most expendable part?” Just interesting to me when things are vague – we clearly do see a question.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I found myself telling W that when he grows up and is a Father that this would be a special day for him. I said Mommies have a Mother’s day and if you are a Dad you will have a Father’s day. And let us all remind me that W is TWO and got nothing from that exchange – but this is really me reminding myself that while I may have complicated feelings about the day. Fatherhood, if done right, can be wonderful. My Mother had a wonderful father, I have friends that have wonderful fathers. If I am lucky, one day my son will be a wonderful father. And you can bet your ass I will be thrilled to celebrate the heck out of this day with him.

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