It’s honestly been one of the most forward-moving weeks I have ever had. I am used to weeks of highs that either slowly fade back down to reality or come swiftly crashing down. But so far I have been floating and flapping my wings so fast and with such force that I really seem to still be up in the air. I’m taking a moment to pause and appreciate and enjoy the view.

W and I had a really cool bonding experience together in Atlantic City. I returned back to Philly a bit emotional though. I was nervous about the conference in Atlanta, worried about all of the things people worry about in social settings…and at the same time just super eager to soak up every bit of wisdom that I could.

There were many different aspects to the Atlanta trip and when I am able to elaborate more on the specifics I will as they were pretty interesting. The most valuable parts were the moments spent getting to know the women connected to other blogs. I stick pretty close to our familiar sphere of blogs so it was lovely to meet these sort of ambassadors of other spheres that were living life so boldly and honestly and vividly and humbly. There was a lot of encouragement, a lot of lifting of each other up, a lot of “I can help you with that”. It was breathtaking.

It was a little bit like The Breakfast Club in its intensity so I do wonder how many of us will speak to each other in the hallways of the blogosphere – but I have my hopes. (I say this clearly being the Anthony Michael Hall of the group…)

While in Atlanta I also found out some ginourmous news that is not yet ready for print – but OMG- as soon as I can share it I will. To put it in a frame of reference it is news about an idea that I had but never thought would happen, but it seems to be happening. (& to clarify within my vagueness it has nothing to do with my book)

And while I am at it telling you about things I can’t yet tell you, how about I tell you about something I have waited to tell you because it is a bit overwhelming because it is going to be a pretty big shift of balance for me – “I’ll take people who suck at getting to the point for $300, Alex!”

Tomorrow I start a job.


As in a JOB job. Like with regular hours and regular paycheck. See how I just turned my corner?


And it’s because I am a hummingbird now. I can’t slow down. I stay up until 1 or 2 every night, I cram work into every spare moment, and I say yes to as many things as I possibly can. The reason is that every yes is one step closer to getting out of the grey, getting stability. Being able to safely budget for a month and save up for emergencies. I have a personal goal for myself in terms of finances and I am working, working, working and the altitude just changed and breathing just got a bit better.

I’ll talk more about my job down the road, but the peripheral deets are that it is 20 hours a week and something that I can do from home. Once a month I will need to attend a staff meeting. It is within the world of social media and bloggers and community.

Now to drink some nectar and recharge because this hummingbird is not planning on taking a break for a while.

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