W and I are back from our super fun getaway to Atlantic City. You can read about it on WWTK. I am now getting ready to go to Atlanta for the Coca-Cola conference and am getting all nervous that I will do or say something wrong. I hate when I feel the yank of anxiety tug at me. I know part of this is because I can not get my internal thermostat to regulate at ALL right now. I just perspire like its my job. And it is beyond embarrassing to walk around with a washcloth wiping at your face all the time and have children point out “all the water on your face” (actually happened).

So now I just gush sweat which makes me feel gross and ugly and uuuuuuuuuugh….where is the off switch for that? Seriously. I have no idea when my thyroid will regulate as it switches from hypothyroidism phase to hyperthyroidism but this moment is no fun at all.

And you know what else comes with hyperthyroidism? (I mean in addition to pouring buckets of sweat) ANXIETY.

Oh good grief why am I even writing right now? I should be packing. But truthfully packing was making me more anxious. So I needed to sit. It’s not like I will be leaving in two hours or anything… (OMG. I am leaving in two hours.)

I am hoping that having some alone time on this brief Atlanta trip (in between my time with some amazing and inspiring women) will center me. Inhale, exhale. I also hope I don’t cry a lot or over-share too much.

And in the meantime, look at this beautiful photo of W. He has no trouble relaxing while on vacation:


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