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This week’s survey was all over the place and silly. The funniest part for me was finding out that some people don’t know what a caboodle is. Seriously? I can not imagine my 5th – 8th grade without my caboodle. It was something I HAD TO HAVE. It meant a farewell to roaming the toy aisles of the store and an intense interest in makeup and nail polish and glitter and I totally needed one more lip smackers!

For those that do not know – a caboodle is basically a tackle box. It’s a plastic organizer, usually in pastel colors (sometimes it was funky and marbelized looking) with a different color clasp. When opened there was ALL OF THIS SPACE for stuff. You keep makeup in them, art supplies, stickers, pretty much all the super important stuff in a pre-teen and teenaged girl’s life. I just went online to look for a photo to share and was pleasantly surprised to see that the company is still around and is still making caboodles! (and they even are selling a case that looks a lot like the one I used to have and are calling it “classic” – ha!)

And now on to the survey results:

What hand do you write with?

A whopping 90% of us use our right hand, 10% use their left, and no one indicated that they can use both.

{side note: I write with my right but sometimes I prefer to eat with my left. Anyone else use their non dominant hand for eating?}

Your go-to snack of choice is most often:

44% of you would like something sweet please
31% say salty is more satisfying (I’m in this group. I totally go for crackers before candy.)

And 25% subscribe to the notion that the BEST snack is a combination of salty and sweet.
I’m curious what these snacks would be.

What style do you prefer to write a letter?

54% of you use a mish-mosh of styles when writing
19% use script
16% of us print {this is what I selected – It actually takes me forever to write in cursive!}

11% of you say that you really should type out your letters because, oh boy, the handwriting is baaaaaad

Do you wear a scented deodorant?

69% of us do {mine is a bit TOO scented now, on sale brand of “clinical strength” with a rose scent}
27% wear UNscented deodorant
and 4% are opting out of deodorant altogether

Can you speak or read a language that is not English? (Beyond ordering food and asking where the library is.)

I am SO impressed that 26% of you guys can
and even MORE impressed that 8% of you can speak/read several languages!

The rest of us (66%) can not. This just means we all must stick together now when we travel, ok?

Did you ever own a caboodle?

I have no idea why this made me so happy, but 44% of you answered “OMG! YES!!”
38% didn’t know what a caboodle was (sad, isn’t it?)
And 18% never got to tote their makeup and super, super important things around in a hot pink (or in my case marbleized peach) plastic case.

the banglesI asked you to pick one

25% picked the Bangles
19% picked Heart
16% picked Salt n Pepa
14% picked Spice Girls
11% picked Go-Gos
10% picked Hole
5% picked The Pointer Sisters

True story: When I lived in Los Angeles the only time I got super embarrassingly start struck was when I realized I was in a meeting with the brother of one of the Bangles. Not even the actual Bangle herself. I was very, very flustered and unable to recover properly. Thankfully he was amused.

Do you regularly wear perfume?

29% answered that they NEVER wear it (ever. so STOP BUYING IT FOR THEM OK?!!)
21% said they own perfume but never wear it.
20% replied that they wear perfume only on special occasions
18% of you wear perfume daily
12% wear it once or twice a week

I come from a line of women that didn’t just wear perfume, they had signature scents. My Great-Grandmother wore an only Channel perfume, Millie wore White Linen by Estee Lauder, and Mother used to wear Salvador Dali perfume that came in this super cool bottle-shaped like a mouth and a nose as the stopper. I wore Channel No. 5.

But perfumes are expensive. And I realized that not everyone enjoys them so I stopped wearing it. Mother had a co-worker that was extremely sensitive to perfumes so she stopped wearing it as well. But there is something transportive about a familiar perfume. My head turns every time I smell white linen.

Which public bathroom stall would you use if you were by yourself?

And here is where you guys had SO much to say! I had no idea such strong bathroom opinions existed! I was not clear in the below drawing but I meant to show that the door/entrance to the bathroom was next to the sink.

32% A
27% C
21% D
20% B

Looks like stall A is slightly more popular, but every other throne is evenly occupied. This is oddly comforting.

Did you miss the survey this week? How would you have answered?

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