I have been trying to have little “aside” projects on the blog here each month that get me out of the typical day to day posting and it has worked. February I wrote love letters, March I chronicled the makeover of W’s room, April I started sharing recipes from Millie, and in May the surveys began. So for June we are bringing back an old and (perhaps to some of you) familiar aside – Photo Friday.

There have been many (MANY) versions of Photo Friday on my site. It’s almost as old as the site itself! I think the easiest way to do things is for me to announce the theme for the week on Sunday or Monday and on Friday those that have a photo to share can post them on their blog. I’ll come up with a badge between now and this friday that you can put on your site to let people know that you are all snazy with your camera skills (& that you share well with others).

You can either just post the photo on friday and be done with it, or you can come to my site and let me know in my comments that you are playing along as well. Something like, “I put up a photo – now come look at it!”

(Once upon a time I would have used a linky for that- but the comments work just as well and I’m maybe just a wee bit aware of how one extra step might make the entire thing crumble down…)

So…where was I?

Oh! THEME!! We need a theme! And we need something kind of easy because holy cow Friday is really, really soon!

You ready?


Yup. The thing you sit in. Or the one someone else sits in. Or the head of your department, er…Maybe we should stick to furniture.

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