I did not expect to laugh this much going over the survey results for this week’s questions. You guys are full of fantastic stories and I can’t wait to share them. (please note that write-in answers are cut and pasted and then reformatted but I have not altered any replies.)

How do you get to work?

61% of you drive yourself to work
9% of you take public transit, and another 9% of us shuffle to our desks somewhere in our homes
3% of you carpool, and 4% of you walk
No one responded that they ride their bike

The best write-in answer: “I ride the elevator down 18 flights.” niiiiiiice

[something interesting happened during the write in that I will address at the end of the survey…so stay tuned for that.]

Hypothetically (of course) what office supplies go home with you most often?

49% of you are going home, ahem, MIGHT, go home with a pen
20% said paper products
2% said stamps

Get ready for the write-ins:
(This is just a sampling of what people suggested they might take from work, you know, if they were the taking kind of people. ahem.)

medical supplies
a computer
paper clips, alligator clips, coffee, soda
binder clips
post-it notes
alcohol prep pads
The UPS Guy {*nice answer!}
bubble envelopes

And then a few write-ins would like to remind us that they have to buy their own supplies and THAT SUCKS!! Agreed.

Do you keep a tidy work space?

46% of you are so so when it comes to tidy
27% would like you to put on your white glove and see how clean they are!!
16% might need a crew from TLC to come in and fix their mess

The write-ins were mostly those that felt awful about how messy their desk area was or those that had incredible pride over the mess. The answer that cracked me up was, “My stapler has a bumper sticker bragging about climbing the mountain on my desk.”

If you could have any job what would it be?

36% of you would like NO JOB

Now get ready for the ultimate dream job list from the rest of you. See if you can pick mine out:
• Same job but a day shift instead of evenings
• I teach school, but would love to be able to do something like that in hospitals for kids who were unable to attend school due to illness.
• flexible and fun
• Movie reviewer. Or restaurant reviewer. 🙂
• my current job, but in San Francisco and making a LOT more money
• Travel writer
• The one I have minus the coworkers
• Interior Designer or Architect
• social work
• Certified Nurse Midwife
• Student
• Run a charitable foundation. I want to make a difference.
• writer.
• A part time job with insurance so I could be home with Tot when he’s not in school.
• One that I wake up and actually WANT to go to.
• I like what I do, just not where I do it.
• My current job, only two or three days a week so I could be home when my kids get home from school
• Mecical research
• Private detective
• best-selling author
• I really want to be a certified nurse midwife but I will be 50 by the time I finally get there at the rate I’m going.
• I am happy with my job, would just like to make my own hours all the time.
• Author
• Women’s Studies Professor
• Unemployed and filthy rich
• I’m living the dream- stay at home Momness
• Pick out the music/develop the soundtracks for movies.
• A socialite. Seriously, I’d love to lunch with the ladies and do a ton of charity work.
• Full-time artist, instead of artist when I’m not at my day job.
• A designer (cross stitch, crochet, quilting) who makes enough money to live off of.
• Photographer
• Ride unicorns. I mean come on! They fart glitter and rainbows! How fun would THAT be?
• Executive wife and full time mother and award-winning author.
• Running coach.
• To be a Mom
• Kindergarten Teacher
• Mowing fairways at a golf course
• Children’s book author/slash kid photographer
• Operations Mgt
• photography on my own terms – make money at it, but not have to chase it as a business, just have it happen.
• Bringing in $100K doing what I’m doing. Heh!
• cardiac surgey operating room nurse
• No time constraints or requirements, smart+nice people, no politics, intelligence abounding, security (all kinds), not cooped up, lots of appreciation for everyone, decent pay, great work conditions, great benefits
• multi-millioniar who gets to travel and do charity work
• Quilter
• Wedding Planner
• Children’s book author
• Social media liaison for the Muppets
• The one I have already…..education (teaching)
• What I’m doing right now
• A part time job with hours of 9 am to 2:30 pm so I could take my kids to school and pick them up.
• Getting paid for my charity work.
• I don’t know but I feel there is one out there some where.
• I really want to become a rabbi
• SAHM and ob-gyn nurse
• Director of Photography
• Real Estate Agent
• the one I have – but with a bigger budget and higher salary!
• Teacher (I technically am one, just not currently teaching.)
• An actually self-supporting chef with health insurance and eight-hour days/free weekends. HAAAAAAAAR.
• Project manager? Really knowledgable at my job and low stress.
• Owner of quilt/fabric store
• Author
• Doing whatever I want to help people and take care of my family, leaving me plenty of free time to read books and sit on the beach. What? Too much?

Most days how would you describe your current job?

41% of you say – It’s a job.
37% LOVE IT!
20% are pretty meh about things
and 2% of you hate it

How old were you when you got your first job?

44% of us were 15 or younger
42% were between 16 and 17
9% got their first job between 18 and 19
1% landed a job in their early 20’s
and no one said their first job happened in their mid 20’s

The write-ins decided to shock me by telling me the crazy ages they were when they started babysitting (3 different write-ins were eleven!)

What is the worst job you ever had?

20% of you never had a bad job. Wow. (liars)

• Changing colostomy bags as a student nurse
• Detailer at a car wash. The things people do to their cars is amazing. It was gross.
• babysitting for a BRAT!
• Government
• Collections
• Temp at a Record Company
• A research assistant job where I was told the job was 8-10 hours a week, but getting paid very low FT wages… and then being accused of lying about this, and being questionned why I wasn’t working FT hours. The work was fine, but the boss was a bitch on wheels.
• Dish washer
• Restaurant manager for a bi-polar Italian owner who would go behind my back and tell the employees not to listen to me. Great food…crazy owner!
• Supply clerk at a law office where the owner hated me.
• Did laundry for a personal care home – two stories and no elevator
• McDonald’s, cook.
• the one I have now
• Working in a methadone clinic at Johns Hopkins.
• Night shift security officer at a local college.
• Stuffing boxes at a craft supplies factory after school when I was in high school.
• CAA. Hi [Calliope]
• Only because of the smell it left on my clothes: working at a BBQ restaurant
• I worked PT for a company that I didn’t know anything about. They had me doing spread sheets. I am Excel illiterate. It was sad.
• working temporarily for a person going bankrupt
• Taco Bell, I was 15, couldn’t eat there again for years.
• Farm hand, for the 3 days I lasted
• Inputting grocery receipts for Nielsen Marketing
• waitress
• Honestly not that bad—I have been lucky. But selling women’s shoes…
• Ryan’s Steakhouse
• Supermarket check-out.
• tour guide at Graceland (Elvis Presley’s house)
• Not really the job, just having to work until work was done. That might be after 4 hours or 15 hours.
• Nursing home assistant
• Student manager at campus cafeteria
• Teaching high school
• Greeter at Victorias secret during the holidays. Sucked
• Mail runner
• Executive recruiter. I am not a phone person.
• Working for an organization that was very dysfunctional and full of workaholics.
• telemarketer (the worst kind, like, ruler down the phone book cold calling) for a magazine subscription service. I lasted a day.
• Divorce lawyer. I had a client actually throw up on me in open court when she lost custody of her kids. (And yes, I knew the kids were better off with dad, but mom was paying me so I fought with all I had for her. Fun daily moral conflicts.)
• A waitressing job where I got absolutely NO training & scheduling was all over the place. I quit after about two weeks.
• Psycho family-owned advertising agency job
• working as a residential counselor at a group home for emotionally disturbed children with violent tendencies…oh my god the stories I could tell you.
• I worked in the Info. Systems depart of the hospital I currently look at. I cried EVERY.MORNING when I had to do go work. I hated that they never explained to my WHY I had to…. back up files.. order these products this way.. insert what ever. I am a very hands on person, and that IS department was mean and rude. If we took a phone call from someone and they were outta the department we were not allowed to tell them nothing. We had to say something in the line of.. I am sorry Al has left for the afternoon.. when he told us he’d be right back he was running to the cafe. OH and there one chick was hired at the same time I was.. and she was a back stabbing, copy cat, lying bitch. I despised looking at her. I so hated that job. Plus.. there was no place to advance. I left that position for the job I currently hold as a BUYER. I find it pretty ironic that – I applied for this position I currenty have (for 11 years now) – I applied for it like 6 months before I actually got it. I got a letter (the 1st time around) telling me I was not qualified. gah.. the politics of the work place.. bah humbug!
• Philadelphia VA ER as travel RN. Nightmare.
• in home support services as a social worker
• My first museum job. 3 jobs in one = hell. I would literally come home and cry on a regular basis.
• Working at Arby’s
• at a Grocery Store where the staff was horrible people.
• Pruning crew leader. Gave 2 wk notice after 2wks…there for a month.
• Either working at McDonald’s (where the shakes contain NO milk & actually STAIN your uniform) or the summer I was a mother’s helper for the world’s brattiest kids & most horrid parents.
• babysitting
• Direct Sales.. which meant acosting people on the street to by some stinky perfume.
• having to sort raw chicken into bags at KFC – to this day touching raw chicken with bones in it makes me shudder and that was over 20 years ago.
• selling magazines over the phone to sad, lonely elderly people
• office temp
• One where everyone hated everybody else and the bosses fostered that to keep morale down. Crazy, eh?
• putting rivets in two peices of sheet metal, to build tractor trailors for 10 hours a day
• Tutoring althletes in college. The office was call “Athletic Support”. I felt like a jock strap all year.
• substitute teacher – not all days were bad, but there were a couple…
• I could name a few temp jobs I didn’t like.
• Wow, too many to list!
• Teaching swimming lessons to whiny kids. 30 minutes never went by so slowly.
• retail at a major greeting card store
• Call center for accidental death insurance
• It’s a tie: Answering phones for the Home Shopping Network and working at a super-conservative, overtly religious law firm.
• Roy Rogers. Fast food is Awful.
• vacuuming dining hall in college
• cold-calling people trying to sell timeshare apartments. I lasted 2 days.
• working for an @**hole boss
• Working at Lane Bryant in the 90s. I hated retail, and we got hours based on sales (not comission – just actual hours on the schedule). I was a lousy salesperson because I didn’t push things on folks. To top it off, I had to take a week off because I’d sprained my ankle and couldn’t stand up, so I wound up off of the schedule for an additional week because I had no sales made from the week prior. And to ice the cake, I spent everything I made on clothes because we had to wear their stuff and they changed our wardrobe requirements midway through the summer. And because I liked to buy new clothes. But whatever…
• hair salon receptionist
• So many-sales associate at kmart, ice cream server at dq, paper runner at a car auction
• One of the movie theatres I worked for made me sick, despite me telling them my restrictions.
• doing dishes in the college cafeteria
• A flower shop. Flowers are fun. The owners were bitter old maids.
• telephone operator for an alphanumeric pager messaging company… UGGHHH!!!!
• Working for a boss who was essentially laundering grant money from a very famous foundation rather than using it to do grant-y things.
• Summer job at a bakery. Early hours and little pay.
• Working for a crazy ambulance chasing lawyer
• Part of it involved cleaning goose shit off the beach
• cold calling to try to sell siding
• Pleasant Valley General Store. The boss was a cheap, disgusting and smelly tyrant.

What was your first job?

1 person is not telling
Here are the answers from the rest of you guys (hint: there is a surprising number of you that worked with either ice-cream or chicken)

• Cashier in a grocery store
• I worked at a full service car wash.
• Hallmark store
• waitress
• waitress/chambermaid at an inn on Cape Cod at age 15. Awesome job b/c was done by 11 and could go to the beach. 🙂
• Grocery store checker
• Library Clerk
• server at frozen yogurt place
• lab technician
• Babysitting.
• TV station studio tech
• Fly fishing shop clerk
• Clerk at Marriage Court (where people get married by a judge)
• Sales Clerk in a mens clothing store
• carhop
• I worked on the family farm
• Babysitter
• Car wash attendant…loved it!
• Picking blueberries for $3 a flat.
• Babysitting unofficially, officially scooping ice cream.
• filing medicare paperwork at a health clinic
• Gymnastics teaching assistant.
• Aside from the child labor my parents put me through, I worked at a penny candy store. Bad idea for a 16 year old.
• snack bar in a dime store
• babysitting in the neighborhood
• Babysitter
• Word processor
• genealogy researcher
• Selling women’s shoes at Nordstrom
• TCBY Yogurt
• Library aide.
• waitress
• After school teacher
• I was a hostess at an Elby’s restaurant.
• Babysitting, first one on the tax roll was a carry out for a local grocery store.
• Grocery store cashier
• Auto parts delivery girl
• Dunkin Donuts–served, cashier, muffin maker, and donut finisher
• Cashier
• Babysitting.
• Does babysitting count? If not, then a summer camp counselor (which is a variation of the same thing).
• bagel maker at Skolniks Bagel Bakery. Loved. It.
• Babysitting
• Behind the snack counter at the drive-in movies. I was 17.
• Cleaning offices
• Working as a page at my local library. I loved it, generally. I got to make the holiday billboards for the children’s library.
• cashier
• I worked in a video store as a clerk. That also was ironic since I freaking DO NOT LIKE MOVIES!! ha.
• Summer Nanny
• Babysitting
• dairy queen
• Associate at Waldenbooks in the mall.
• newspaper delivery
• I made leather bracelets at Six Flags Great Adventure
• Babysitting
• Kitchen assistant in a supermarket cafeteria
• Waitress (unless you count babysitting)
• Babysitting – either my younger sister or the neighbors.
• Wal-mart cashier
• working security at the convention center which basically meant standing by the door and making sure people had their badges displayed.
• ice cream shoppe
• fast food worker
• (other than babysitting) – working in a small ‘stuff’ store
• fast food chicken, I hade a red visor with a chichen decal
• Shelving books at the local library.
• clerk at a dry cleaners
• Bussing staff at a Greek restaurant
• Scooper at Ben & Jerry’s
• Teaching swimming lessons to kids for $5 an hour (I wonder how much the parents were paying for that 30 minute lesson?)
• dusting antiques at a consignment shop
• Receptionist in a hair salon
• Coffee Shop. It’s where I met Nick!
• Data entry (if you don’t count babysitting)
• Target (not counting babysitting)
• Worked at La Madeline
• Babysitting and then a cook at Pizza Hut!
• Cashier at Revco (drug store)
• Kentucky Fried Chicken. Yummy!
• Target team member
• babysitting
• scooping ice cream 🙂
• Saturday girl in the local bakery – as many cakes as I wanted!
• teaching kids to swim
• library paige
• Working at an ice cream parlor that’s famous for making their own ice cream on site. It was equal parts fun and awful, but I liked it anyway.
• file clerk at a doctor’s office my mom worked at
• unofficial-babysitting, official-dairy queen
• Working for my step-dad; front desk dealing with customers, and sending out invoices.
• babysitting
• (if you don’t count baby-stting) doing dishes in the college cafeteria
• McGlynn’s Bakery
• McDonalds!!!
• Cashier at a Home Depot.
• Camp councler at a church camp.
• Counter help at a dry cleaner
• The person who dresses the manequins in store windows – it’s harder than it looks!
• Swim Instructor
• if you’re not counting babysitting, my first job was customer service/gift wrap at Sears
• First = Worst. See my above answer.

Any “great” horrible boss stories to share?

Thankfully many of you report that you don’t have any truly awful stories. And some of you say no flipping WAY are you telling the internets what you went through. And the rest of you presented us with this jaw-dropping list:

• The owner of the first place I worked embezzeled money and the FBI came to investigate and took all of our computers. Nice lady though.
• First job boss didn’t like me – she was 18 and homely and I was 16 and cute – so she watched me sell beer to a guy that she knew had a fake ID (looked real to me) and then had me fired the next day.
• Oops, see above! (The job where I was told the hours were very part time, and then she accused me of lying about this, three months in.) She bullied me HORRIBLY, and got the others on the team to treat me suspiciously as well. No matter how hard I worked. And I needed the health insurance and the tuition reimbursement, so I couldn’t quit. Finally a dear friend convinced me that life was too short, and my parents agree to give me some money to finish my last semester, job-free. Luckily tuition benefits had already been paid!
• I currently have a pseudo supervisor that has a major grudge against my husband and me. He has, among other things, reported to a professional organization that my husband was not suitable for certification for unspecified reasons (i.e. he couldn’t come up with any kind of reason he could back up).
• She hated women, so I was in her crosshairs from the beginning.
• I was interning for this non-profit and the intern coordinator had us go do work for the guy she was cheating on her husband with, while she was you-know-whatting him in the next office.
• 46 emails and 25 phone calls (I counted!) from my former boss on a Saturday morning before noon.
• tuna out of a can with a shot of bourbon
• I’ve had numerous verbally abusive bosses. One tried to throw me out of a moving golf cart but I worked in the film/tv industry so it came with the territory. I quit for 2 years after the Golf Cart thing.
• A horrible woman would roll up a sheet of paper and hit me on the side of my head.
• My boss at the time expected us to be working and “productive” on Sept 11, 2001. Half of the buildings in San Francisco had been evacuated as a precaution and he kept wandering around the office, telling us to get back to work.
• not a bad boss but when I came back from maternity leave the replacement I recommended was promoted and became my boss. – awkward.
• When I was in the Army and one of the drill sergeants after finding out where I was going to be stationed, said that he was going to be there for training. He said I was pretty and asked if he could call me. I was married and he was higher ranking. It was so inappropriate and disappointing.
• The boss who fired me from my supermarket check-out job on (false) suspicions that I was stealing cookies.
• my current boss used to epitomize the boss on the british version of “the Office”. He’s a lot better now after he realized I wasn’t afraid to report him to HR–and that I know an excellent lawyer.
• Not a boss, but I had a coworker who was the mom of one of the kids when I was teaching. Her son was in my summer camp (I worked year round, taught summer school/camp during the summer months) and he was abominably behaved. Whenever I put him in time out/punished him at all, she’d scream at ME when she walked by me in the hall. And yes, in front of all the other children and her son in my camp. Is it any wonder I had trouble with his behavior?
• Getting the choice to resign or be let go by someone that I considered a friend at the time. She had recently had major marital problems with her spouse, which I had been there for her throughout. I was dumbstruck the day it all went down. I know that it wasn’t only her decision, but to this day I do not know how she was able to go through with it.
• Have you read my blog? Tons. But other than my current boss, I once walked in on my boss (male) naked. He apparently did use the shower in his office. He also apparently tans.
• Nothing specific, but working for a family business when you are not part of that family can be brutal.
• Having to work for a dysfunctional, co-dependent couple
• Could it be I’ve never had a horrible boss? I did have one boss who I loved in general, but had to break up with soon after he yelled at me for neglecting to get him the *caffeine-free* diet coke instead of the regular diet coke. Diet caffeine free coke is surprisingly hard to find at NY delis!
• the boss at my worst job ever…We had to travel out of town for training to deal with emotionally disturbed children with violent tendencies. I was also volunteering with a rescue squad at the time and had to travel back midweek for my paramedic class. She approved the additional travel expense for that and then, months later, decided to question whether I was telling the truth about my class and used my supposed padding of expenses to fire me.
• Naw. My current boss lies. I catch (and point them out to him) him in the all the time. And – if you are talking to him.. and he says “yeah” you can go ahead and write it off as he is not listening. He really doesn’t have to much to say if you are doing your work. It is actually a pretty nice work environment.
• I had a babysitting job once (about 17-18 yr old), and the father would leave PORN out for me to find. I know the wife had to know about it! He put a XXX porn video in the VCR and told me there was a movie in there for after the kids went to bed. I was horrified. The sad thing is they paid me about $100 a night, so I kept baby sitting about once a week. I never said anything about it, and neither did they. Weird.
• When the company was short of m oney he took the money out of our salaries for our savings programmes but didn’t send it in. In the end he paid back what he had taken but not the interest we lost.
• The crazy boss that tried to physically asalult me because she was stealing food from the group home I worked in and I called her on it. – She was removed from her position a few weeks later.
• I had a boss once call me at 11pm on a Friday night (on my work-issued cellphone of course), waking me up out of a deep sleep to quiz me about the three “value points” of the product I was marketing. When I couldn’t sum them up in succint enough sentences (uh, SLEEPING), he told me that he’d call me every hour that night until I came up with ones that were acceptable to him. I don’t remember how, but somehow I ended up placating him. Sadly, I worked that job for another YEAR before they laid me off.
• I had a female boss who constantly told me I needed a breast reduction!
• When I used to be an aupair in France, I wasn’t allowed to heat my room during the day (to economize) and I wasn’t allowed to enter the parent’s room to tidy it up. I wonder what they hid in there :).
• I was having a bad day at an even worse job, may have freaked out on some of my employees. My boss was so impressed he offered me a raise to stay (I had already quit). This tells you what kind of people I was dealing with.
• When I worked for the world’s most horrid parents. The mother was routinely late, didn’t answer her phone, was a yeller, her kids were nearly unbearably poorly behaved (though I to feel bad for them after seeing how they were treated). It was just…awful.
• I once had a boss– actually he wasn’t my direct boss but my manager’s peer who was so homophobic that he would turn beet red every time I spoke to him or anyone on his team. Every time I would go anywhere he would follow me. Eventually he was encouraged to retire.
• the guy that hired me at KFC was fired for embezzling the cash from the store. He was never mean to me, but i was shocked that he simply kept the cash instead of depositing it.
• For my first post-college job, I had to travel for training. My boss offered me only $15/day per diem, saying, “It’s not supposed to be enough to BUY your meals; it’s only supposed to supplement what you’d pay for your own meals anyway.” Jerk. I was too green to know to argue.
• complete neglect at the fast food chicken place, it ende up closing after about a year
• Temp job: Was put into a file room and told to “purge all files older than 3 years.” Three hours later, my boss came back into the file room and said “Oh, you were only supposed to purge the blue files, not the green, red, or yellow files.”
• Oh, I have a GREAT one, but the whole story is way too long for this space. The short of it I was hired to be the Director of Public Relations for a company that ran several nursing homes and physical therapy practices. My boss was VP of Operations and had been a former 1st runner up in our Ms. State pagent. She wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed! I worked there when 9/11 happened. She was hell bent on having our company featured during the busiest news time in the history of the world. I came up with some good ideas (getting together a group of people to discuss their memories of Pearl Harbor, WWI or II etc). When I gave her some written plans I was met with “IIdon’t like those ideas. I want each center to do a patriotic wheel chair decorating contest.” After that incident we had a “sit down” because she didn’t feel like I (a person with a BA in Comm. w/ a specialization in PR who had worked in agencies) knew what the role of a PR person was. She proceeded to tell me that it was just a fancy name for an event planner. During that conversation I said a lot of what the President was saying during that time was crafted by PR people. She said “See A, you really don’t know PR. That stuff is written by speech writers not PR people.” I could go on and on with stories about how clueless she was. Like when she admitted to a table full of people she supervised that she didn’t know what NPR or a box cutter was. Needless to say a couple weeks later I was told we weren’t a good fit which was fine by me because I had already another job waiting.
• Once at a temp job my coworkers convinced me at the end of the day to take advantage of the company masseuse who had come in (this was before the dot com bubbly burst). The minute it was over the boss took me into her office and ripped me a new one. I was like 19 years old. I didn’t even look at her for fear of crying. This was on a Friday, on Saturday morning I was informed that someone else would be filling the position and my services would no longer be needed.
• I used to have to call grocery stores to verify the sell-by date on my boss’s yogurt. I have others but I signed a non-disclosure agreement.
• My current boss didn’t speak to me the first month I worked here because he hated that the director gave me a flex schedule. He would see me in a room and turn around and walk out. It was rather awkward…
• I had a boss that I sat in the same office with and she would talk endlessly on the phone. And tell the same stories to everyone on the phone and that came into the office. So some stories I would hear (no kidding) 20 times a day.
• I used to have to go to “devotions” every Monday morning with the entire office, where we would listen to Bible stories and pray for people.
• One boss was pretty computer illiterate (I had to teach him what “click and drag” meant) and asked me to show him how to delete his computer history. Which was full of porn! Gross.
• Worst would have to be the boss who delayed my performance review until after my maternity leave (it was due several months before the baby arrived) and then gave me a terrible review in the first week after I returned to work. Bonus – this boss was a woman, with three kids of her own!
• A horrible business partner story? – Discovered when she accidently copied me into an email that she was describing me and our other business partner (who is also my life-partner) as her “employees” to potential clients. She really couldn’t understand why we had a problem with that. We parted ways very acrimoniously soon after and she screwed us for a significant sum of money in the “divorce”.
• The day before I left to get married we did my annual performance review. He felt it was appropriate, as part of this review, to ask if I was planning on having children right away. And not in a friendly way.
• Ugh. My boss in my first post-master’s position (back when I was young and professionally immature) was awful. In addition to being a smoker (I’m allergic) who held meetings outside with our other co-workers who were also smokers, he once gave me the advice that I should let a challenging supervisee with mental health problems “just fucking kill herself.” I left that job after my first year!
• I’ve had a handful of awful bosses, from micromanagers to a guy that would make suggestive comments to me at 16 years old
• The boss who used to watch when our cars would come into and leave the parking lot and expected us to be 15 min early everyday for work. This same boss, when I resigned asked why and I said to be closer to family and to start our own, decided to start asking me 50 questions about my fertility and what tests and medications i was doing.
• Not my boss, but I did have an attorney with an office across from me who was very inappropriate, and when he learned that I curled, he asked me if I curled toes.
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• Sure! I worked as a telephone operator for an alphanumeric paging company. We answered the phone pretending to be the company and sent alpha messages to text pagers. They were very very strict on employees. You had to “ask” the computer permission to go to the bathroom (by pressing a key on your keyboard and then waiting for the computer to tell you “RESTROOM BREAK GRANTED”). And they told you in training that NO restroom break should EVER last more than 4 minutes!!! We were open 24/7 365 days a year. You got shift differentials for working on holidays and were required to work so many of them per year. However, my “horrible boss” story deals with an employee calling in sick. We were each assigned to a “team” with a team leader, per se. Calling in sick was such a no no… they kept medicine on hand for you! This did not happen to me, it happened to a co-worker. She called in to her team leader that her daughter (who was 2 or 3 yrs. old) was ill and she would not be able to come in. The team leader was clearly unhappy that this person was calling in sick and had the audacity to say to her ,”Well, doesn’t your little girl have a father?” The reply was, “yes, she has a father but I AM her MOTHER and I will be taking care of her today.” God, I hated that job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• I once had three bosses in 9 months as a receptionist because they kept hiring people whose crazy was too different from the CEO’s crazy.
• Just the guy who hit on me constantly and told highly innappropriate sexual jokes despite the fact that I was 19 and he was old enough to be my grandfather.
• I used to work for a man who was in the process of becoming a woman. She would be completely normal one day, giving great advice, good mentoring – and other days would be completely off her rocker on the hormones. It was awful. She left, and then we replaced by a totally incompotant woman, who got dumped by her girlfriend – went off the deep and, and started stalking her girlfriend. She spent the night in jail and I had to go to meetings for her without mentioning the ‘she’s in jail part’

What is the BEST work movie?

38% are kicking down their cubicle and loving Office Space
19% celebrate the working girls in Pretty Woman
14% now have Carly Simon songs in their head from Working Girl
11% are excited that Dolly will be on Ellen today because they love 9 to 5
8% love Bridget Jones’s Diary just as it is
2% have a sign over their head and that sign says Norma Rae

The write-ins say: don’t forget about Clerks, Clockwatchers & Erin Brokovich

Did you miss this week’s survey? How would you have answered?

Also? We really need to talk about the giant chunk of you that literally said, “I am a stay at home mom- so I don’t really have a job.” Um….really? I’ll be working on a post about that next week because I consider myself a stay at home mom and I work my ass off.

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