movie surveyCan you believe that I am actually thinking about going to the movies AGAIN!? And I usually do have a hard time in some theatres because of my auditory issues. If someone starts talking or making a lot of noise behind me I can’t hear as well in front of me. On more than one occasion I have left a movie to get an assisted hearing device from the theatre. The last time I did the ear things were all kinds of funky so I just made up dialogue in my head.

What is the first movie you remember being taken to?

[note that I did not ask the ACTUAL first movie, but the one you remembered]

0% of you that took the survey had never been to the movies
Here is the list of our movie firsts (this should be interesting! Get ready for 100 movies.)

Dumbo, I was 4.
An American Tale
Lady and the Tramp
Beauty and the Beast
pinnochio when I was 3. I remember carrying the ticket stub in my little fringed purse for months
Star Wars
I know I went, but I have NO idea.
the muppet movie —->{wow! You were raised well!}
Snow White
Dick Tracy
maybe a ghostbusters movie?
ET, gave me nightmares. I still refuse to watch it ever again.
A scary morality tale about a bad little boy who fell down a well (animated)
Jungle Book
I have absolutely NO recollection. Probably ET is my first real memory but perhaps I went before that…
Raiders of the Lost Ark
E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial
Star wars, I was 3.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
The Sound of Music
The Little Mermaid
Star Wars (I think, not positive)
Snow White
Top Gun in 4th grade by Dad when Mom was out-of-town — odd choice Dad! (I’m sure I went younger, but don’t remember)
Saturday night fever {<—OMG! no way!}
Little Mermaid
Jungle Book
My dad took me to a very early James Bond Movie can not remember the name
The Little Mermaid
Black Beauty
Poltergeist and I had nightmares for months.
Snow White? I seriously don’t remember.
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Pinocchio – I was so scared that I spent most of the movie with my sister sitting by the snack counter
Sound of Music
Savannah’s Smile {<— just googled this- never heard of it before!}
Oliver and Company
Snow White
Star Wars
Some care bear or my little pony movie.
The Little Mermaid
Disney’s Snow and the Seven Dwarfs
The Little Mermaid
The Rescuers
Lady and Tramp, I think.
Goonies {<—- BRAVO!!}
Star Wars
Home Alone
Jurassic Park {<— OMG! How old were you?!!}
Willow- but I know that was not at all my first theater movie, it’s just the first one I can remember specifically.
Parenthood. Traumatized me. Was way too young.
Mary Poppins
The Fox and The Hound
Hair (my parents were hippies!)
I don’t remember, but I do remember I wasn’t allowed to see Grease when it came out
The Parent Trap (LiLo version) {<— WHAT? How young are you?}
Kalle Blomquist (Swedish movie)
I remember going to the first Indiana Jones movie, but I doubt it was the first one I was taken to. I have a poor memory!
ET or StarWars (1977?)
The Carebears movie
Jungle Book
Snow White
E.T. at the drive-in
Little mermaid
Pete’s Dragon
The Goonies…and we saw it at the drive in! {<—Nice!}
Lion King
An American Tale
Lady and the Tramp
Don’t remember!
Peter pan with my grandmother
Star Wars
Saturday Night Fever {<–my answer. Mother swears I loved it! Can’t believe it was someone else’s 1st}
The Karate Kid
Either ET or Annie – they came out in the same year
Greyfrier’s Bobby
some Doris Day movie ( I’m old )

What movie genre is your most favorite?

Knock-knock. Who’s there? The clear winner. The clear winner who? The clear winner of this category is comedy! 37% voted it as your top genre.

20% Drama
16% Romance
9% Sci-Fi
8% Mystery/Thriller
Action/Adventure & Musicals each got 5%
And no one voted for horror

Of the options given: What is your favorite John Hughes Movie?

{Note: That I totally handicapped people by not providing 16 Candles as an option}

I was actually surprised by the winner of this question.
49% of you voted that Ferris Bueller was your favorite
18% of us have Molly Ringwald loyalty and selected Pretty in Pink {If you leave, don’t look back!}
12% voted for Some Kind of Wonderful
11% voted for Home Alone
7% are Weird Science fans
and only 3 of you gave Planes, Trains, and Automobiles some love

If your life was a Meryl Streep movie it would most closely resemble…

I am very, very pleased that no one has a life that resembles Death Becomes Her. But I do adore that movie very much. (you have seen it, right?)

40% of you are living a Julie & Julia kind of life – no surprise here (hello bloggers!)
26% of you said It’s Complicated
14% are sending us Postcards from the Edge
11% are singing Mama Mia!
7% of us swear that The Devil Wears Prada
and 2% of you are winning academy awards in Kramer vs Kramer

Of the movies listed, which is your favorite Tom Hanks movie?

24% think life is a box of chocolates with Forest Gump
15% of you traveled across the country to tell us that you love Sleepless in Seattle
15% are not crying when they say League of Their Own is their fav
13% of you are nibbling on mini corn and feeling Big
8% are with Tom on the streets of Philadelphia
6% are wearing your bra outside of your shirt and making a Splash
4% of you are probably not buying into this rapture stuff and watching The DaVinci Code on repeat

The write-ins provided the suggested answers:
The Green Mile, The Money Pitt, You’ve Got Mail, The Terminal, Saving Private Ryan

I asked you to pick one.

25% John Cusack
20% Robert Downey Jr
14% Rob Lowe, 14% Ethan Hawke
9% Robert Sean Leonard
7% Matt Dillan
6% Andrew McCarthy
3% Emilio Estevez
2% Judd Nelson

What is your favorite animated movie?

{these were to be representational of your favorite if your favorite was not listed}

32% Finding Nemo
26% Toy Story
17% Up
13% The Lion King
5% for The Nightmare Before Christmas and 5% for Spirited Away {<–LOVE this movie!}
2% Fantastia

What snacks do you get at the movies?

mmmmmm….snacks ALMOST as important as the previews

53% of you are popcorn with BUTTER people {by the way my Mother is the one who made me have two popcorn options. Apparently there is a big divide between butter people and sans butter people.}
20% of you get popcorn {I am assuming without butter}
Chocolate candies and NOT Chocolate candies (like skittles or twizzlers) tied for 3rd – they each got 11%
5% of you get meal stuff like pizza and nachos. {I have never had a pizza from the movies.}

The write-ins wanted to let me know that they either do not eat snacks at all at the movies,they only get a beverage or that they (ahem) provide their own. Some other clever folks are getting popcorn AND chocolate candies and mixing them together. And there is even a 3rd level to this buttered popcorn debate- those that will only get butter if it is REAL butter.

Have you ever left a movie before it was over?

46% of you never have
18% of you have

36% of you have AND told me the reason. They are too good not to share:
It sucked so much I was ready to give myself a concussion so I could forget it.
It was horrible, so horrible I don’t even remember the name
Harlem nights…It was so terrible we just couldn’t take it any more!
Spys Like Us was just too awful to sit through
Not actually, but I’ve wanted to! Mostly for senseless, graphic, over-the-top violence, language, or nudity.
I was madly in love and we just HAD to go makeout in his van..for hours. {<–LOVE this!}
Philadelphia, my sobbing was uncontrolled.
movie was HORRIBLE, but I don’t remember the name
Got kicked out for being too noisy with my friends during “Glory”! It was boring anyway…
When Malcom got eaten off the toilet in Jurassic Park
One time the projector stopped working and we all got rain checks.
when it was Snow White, I ran screaming from the theatre as Snow White was running through the forest and the eyes were staring at her
Fargo, I hated and I don’t give a damn about how it ended.
needed to throw up! [okay, you asked! :)]
I couldn’t staaaaaand it any longer (it was Troy and Eric Bana had been dead a minute. )
I got really sick during the movie.
I got an emergency message
Marly & Me—was just too sad after losing a pet.
it was terrible
For some dumb reason we went and saw Freddy Got Fingered. Worst movie ever. Even the stoned kids behind us weren’t laughing.
Once because it was just that terrible. Once because three kids behind us were making so much noise (but for serious, it was a ten PM showing of FIGHT CLUB. Why were there toddlers there playing with their mother’s keys?
Free movie day for little kids. “Charlotte’s Web.” My kid ran out of snacks and got bored.
Nurse Betty… terrible!
my son didn’t like it, but I wanted to stay
omg, the bodyguard w/whitney houston: UNBEARABLE
It was awful!
I needed to have sex with my date. heh
Kingdom of Heaven was simply AWFUL.
it was too terrible to finish. bit I have only done it once
I left the movie Crash with Holly Hunter because OMG have you seen it??
The audience was so loud I couldn’t hear the movie. We got our money back.
Battlefield Earth. Need I say more?
it was REALLY bad!

What is your talking policy for the movies?

57% of us would kindly like you to HUSH!!
36% of you whisper and don’t mind it if others do
No one confessed to talking non stop (but I know these people exist!!)

The write-ins cracked me up – pretty much everyone said that they occasionally whisper to their movie date but that they do not like it when others do. Oh and one person in NJ really hates it when people talk in the movies but is afraid to say anything because she doesn’t want to get shot.

I genuinely loved going through the survey this week! There is something about movies, just the act of going and watching, that is a togetherness thing. And reading the list of first movies was priceless.

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