Well my goodness what on earth did I have to worry about? W did an amazing job at extended pre-school! I picked him up a quarter to three and he was playing with a truck by himself. When he saw me at the door he jumped up and yelled, “Mommeeeeeeeee!” His teacher said that he ate a great lunch and when presented with the option of napping or going to the gym to run around he went to the gym.

He was a bit wild-eyed when I scooped him up into my arms but he showed no signs of anxiety or sadness over being away from me for such a long period of time. We grabbed his backpack from his cubby and he blew kisses to his teachers and then called out, “bye bye school!”

This morning he went to school again – which is a change in routine as he is usually a tuesday and thursday kid, but tomorrow we have the property managers and people from the township coming to inspect the house we are renting and I have to be home during one of those annoyingly long windows. So he did school again today.

When I got him dressed this morning and told him to grab his backpack he yelled, “school! YAY!!” Oh I hope he continues to feel this way for a long, long time.

I dropped W off at his classroom and then went to the school office and paid for the next two tuesdays to be long days.

At pick up today I was informed that W made a friend. It was a little boy’s first day at school and W made quick friends with him. When the new boy cried with missing his Mother W apparently “hugged him to the ground” and told him “Mommy’s come!”

Can you stand it?

Of course when they pointed out the little boy to me I had to grin when I saw that he was wearing a pair of fantastic plaid shorts. Clearly W knows good people the way his Mama knows good people.

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