Granddaughter and Grandmother

Obviously I needed to have some sort of marker for the day. I mean how many days in a person’s life do you circle the date and say, “today. Today I will begin.”

And so here we are.

I dropped W off for his first long day at pre-school. I packed a ridiculously giant lunch for him because what if he doesn’t want carrots and wants two cereal bars?? He should have two cereal bars JUST IN CASE. It will be fine. It will all be fine. But his day is at the front of my mind. I probably won’t really relax until I know that he did ok today. No pressure, kid!

I was planning on just heading to the coffee-house like I usually do but then I did some math and that’s a lot of hours at a coffee shop. Since W and I had done a good bit of house tidying last night I decided to come home to write.

Now I am just doing the metaphorical pencil sharpening stuff before I can dive in. I have some media kit stuff to work on. Did I tell you guys that I am working with Cecily on media kits? It has been very straight forward design work but very eye-opening in terms of “the business” side of the interwebs.

Plaid house is still moving along as well. Speaking of Plaid House my partner and dear friend has set up a facebook page for her family’s next adoption journey and it would mean a lot to me if you would check it out and pass their information along to your friends and family. I know first hand how powerful the internet can be so this is your chance to be a part of the wish that will carry this dandelion seed to fruition.

And don’t forget to hug your favorite single parent blogger today. (the voting goes on until May 23rd – so my apologies for tugging at your skirt so often about this)

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