We live in a lovely little rental that has, thus far, been just right for our sandwiched generation of three. Sure, sometimes one bathroom is an inconvenience. And sure I wish the walls were just a tad thicker. And oh yes I can certainly tell that very, very soon I will be needing to figure out what to do about getting a window air conditioner (or two). But right now – it works.

I love that the enclosed front sunroom has been happily transformed into W’s playroom. His vibrant red kitchen and toys have a place there and this means that they do not have a place in his (itty bitty) room. Our discount Ikea bookshelves flank the wall next to the sofa in the living room and act as my desk and storage space. And oh the dining room! I love having a dining room and having family dinners.

The kitchen is long and narrow and smaller that average but I have lived in places with VERY tiny kitchens and for some reason that is always in my mind should I ever dare think to complain about cabinet space.

What is most remarkable about this rental, now that we are in the height of Spring, is the yard. We moved into the house in December and enjoyed a fantastic end of Fall and blistering Winter. So as green things emerge from the ground it is all a bit of a surprise. We honestly have no idea what to expect.

The other day I nearly wept when I realized that there was not one but TWO peony bushes in the side yard. The irises are blooming in several different varieties. Thick bushes of mint covers the ground near the front sidewalk and in the back? Rows of Lily of the Valley.

There is about to be a giant explosion of roses any day now. Seriously. These climbing roses have climbed all over the place and there are hundreds of buds. Every day something new is happening and I feel really lucky to behold it.



peony in bloom


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