vintage recipes coca cola Salad

See! Something healthy! A salad! What? Hmmmmm? There’s no vegetables in this recipe? Oh and soda is an ingredient? Oh hush….it’s yummy!

Millie’s Holiday Salad

(no holiday is required – serve when something calls for a “festive” dessert, like when you are celebrating a day with a vowel in it)

1 tall can crushed pineapple
1 can black cherries
2 pks. cherry gelatin
½ C chopped pecans
2 bottles cola
1 pkg. cream cheese

Use hot juices for gelatin. Add cola, nuts and fruit. Pour in flat container. Freeze cream cheese and grate over top. Let stand in refrigerator for several hours.

[I’m guessing Millie means drain the fruit and warm up the juice in the can to make the gelatin. I’m also guessing that 2 bottles of cola would now translate to two cans.]

And now for the Old Newspaper Recipe (which seems a LOT more labor intensive):

Coca Cola Bing Cherry Salad

2 3-ounce packages of black cherry gelatin
1 20-ounce can crushed pineapple
1 20-ounce can pitted black cherries
2 small cola-flavored soft drinks
1 cup pecans

Drain fruit and reserve juices. Measure juices and heat to boiling to dissolve gelatin. Add as much of the 2 colas as needed for required liquid (4 cups total). Cool until syrupy. Cut cherries into fourths and cut pecans into large pieces. When gelatin has begun to set, stir in fruit and nuts. When ready to serve, fill center of ring with cottage cheese.

um…wow. I think I’ll just eat some grapes.

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