I’m telling you so that you can not only nag me and poke me and ask me how it is going and offer advice, but also so that I have a witness to this kind of big deal thing that I am just going to DO. Because I can. Anyone can. But you just have to decide to do it. So I made the decision and I am going to make it a priority and now that I am telling you guys there really is no going back. Of course I have alluded to it before, I am not really good at jumping into ideas – I tend to slide into them.

So here we go: This summer I am going to write a book.

Enough distance (emotional and time) has happened between the years of my caregiving and I am ready to write about that experience in a meaningful way. In a way that not only tells the story as many of you read it on my blog – but also (hopefully) helps others that might be going through (or about to) a similar story.

A lot of things needed to click into place before I could get to a place where I could make this a priority. Time has been the biggest hurdle. My creative windows are pretty specific and they happen to not really jive so well with W’s needs. W’s needs will ALWAYS come first. Always. (obviously) He is now at an age where he can have some of his needs met from other people. Hello pre-school!

Oh he is thriving at pre-school. The words he has now! The way he puts things together! The bravery! I am so proud of him. So far we have been doing twice a week from 8:30 – 12:00. The school extended some hours but I had heard that they did not accommodate nappers so I never really pursued it. This morning I heard from one of his teachers that they actually DO provide a space for nappers and they have several. This is a total game changer for me.

For just a few extra dollars a week W could do 8:30 – 3:00. I had been thinking of adding an extra day – but adding just one long day a week (& keeping one short day) would be amazing. Long stretches of time are a total luxury and I am almost giddy at the idea of it. It is truly what made me realize that I could make the time to write.

So I am going to do it. And you are in this with me, ok? You guys were a guiding light through some very dark hours with Millie and as I revisit some moments I know it will be hard. But the hard parts are the parts that I think more people need to hear about. Alzheimer’s is more than Grandmother forgetting where she put the keys.

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