Also called: Summer Spaghetti

I do not remember ever eating this dish, but it was in the part of Millie’s rolodex for “leftovers” and that struck me as interesting and possibly helpful. I don’t often have leftover spaghetti, but I thought this might be a great recipe for making the entire box. Use some for the hot dinner and then turn the rest into this cold dish. Hmmmmm…


1lb Spaghetti (#8 or #9)
1 bottle Italian Salad Dressing
3/4 bottle Salad Supreme by McCormick (dried ings.)

Optional: chopped onions, green peppers (chopped), celery (chopped), & little salad tomatoes

Cook spaghetti after breaking spaghetti into 3-4″ lengths. Drain and cool thoroughly. Mix all other ings. and add to spaghetti. Put into a sealed container. Better when stored in refrigerator over nite. Stir a couple times while storing.

My notes: I am amused that vegetables are “optional”. I am also amused by the note to stir the spaghetti while it is stored. You mean over night? Like get up and go stir the pasta in the fridge? But the good news is that decades later McCormick is still making Salad Supreme!

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