I love taking photographs. I love capturing beautiful moments of my beautiful friends. I do NOT like to have my own photo taken because, clearly, I have some issues of esteem and all that stuffs. I also am a control freak. Also part three? (cue the Carly Simon song) Nobody does it better. If a photo is required of me I have pretty much mastered the best self-portrait way of achieving it. Look up into the camera, chin down, natural light, minimal makeup, fresh eyes. Having long arms really helps. And having the ability to delete and retake without anyone having to see the ugly angled shots is nice. Nothing quite so awkward as having someone think you are photogenic and then having them take your photo and then realizing…ha ha! I’m not photogenic, I’m just super selective (when I can be).

All of this is to say that the other night I was out at an event with Cecily. Afterwards I was taking photos of Rittenhouse Square and Cecily and her adorable daughter who is in this great knock-knock joke era of life. Cecily asked if she could take my photo with my camera and on a whim I agreed. The magic part of the question was that it was with my camera so I still felt somewhat in control, heh. Well she managed to capture my new favorite photo of myself. Which is incredibly silly to say- “favorite photo of myself”. But since I decided to have a representational photo of moi on-line I wanted it to look like me, but obviously a kick ass lovely version of me. The one that I had (on this site, on twitter, on facebook) was lovely but it was also from 2004. This new one is now there.

And now the updates on things:

I have finally connected with Ola & her family

She and her son were listed on a list, user-generated, and managed by the Tuscaloosa News of those missing. That is not something that I have been able to write about because, well, I just couldn’t. Yesterday Mother finally (FINALLY!) got through to the store that Ola’s son manages and was told by one of the employers that two very large trees had fallen on the house but that all were ok.

Late last night we finally reached O at the friend’s house where she was staying and got a full report on just how horrible this tornado was. They are so lucky. The house across the street was completely flattened, as were several houses on the block.

Have you taken this week’s survey?

I will be compiling the data to share with you tomorrow so if you haven’t taken this week’s survey jump on in!

Have you hugged your favorite single parent blogger today?

And you know what’s awesome? I will totally hug you back!!

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