It isn’t prom, and it isn’t a run-off for class president, and there is no prize involved, but for some reason I am finding myself sitting here about to be one of those gals admitting that for some reason I CARE. Yes. I do.

I care about being a single parent blog and I want to be on the list with the good ones.  I know a lot of the blogs on the list (and if you don’t know them, and you are a single parent you should check them out!) so just being in such lovely company is pretty sweet.

(ok – have I shuffled my feet enough??)

Please Vote For Me!

You can do it daily. You can tell your friends to vote too. I’m all about friends. If I make it to the top five I will feel really, really special. Because I value myself based on the internet.

So click the pretty pink button up there and give me a thumbs up, buttercup.

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