There aren’t many moments in a parent’s life where your emotions of glee and jubilation over meeting a children’s television character might surpass the emotions of your child. I imagine if I met some of the Nick Jr. characters that W follows I would be enthused for him but not so much with him. This weekend we met Super Grover and all of our favorite Sesame Street characters at the opening day of Sesame Place.

meeting characters at sesame place

Clearly Super Grover and I are thrilled to be hanging out. CLEARLY! W is a bit taken aback by vibrant fur and cape of awesome. Having characters come to life is one thing, but having those characters hugging your Mom and offering to high five you is another thing altogether.

Follow that bird

Here Mother clearly is having a moment with Big Bird. See how he can’t take his eyes off of her? That’s the kind of muppet magnet my Mom is.

I wrote a bit more about our experience at the Sesame Place on Who Wants to Know. Check it out if you want to read about taking your family there.

(I’ll have survey results up as soon as a certain someone takes a nap and I can do some math!)

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