Thank you to everyone that participated in my time passing survey last week – let’s see how your answers compare!

Answers for Creating Motherhood’s First Ever Silly Survey

1. Do you have an wish list?

Pretty even here – 54% of you DO have a list and 46% of you don’t
I have a list that is basically virtual shopping. I get the “thrill” of browsing and researching and then the EXTRA thrill of adding it to a cart – And it’s always nice to be able to go back and delete something from the list once you have saved up and been able to purchase it.

2. Do you believe in God?

This question, ironically, created the most technical issues for people. Many people e-mailed me or commented that the answer that they wanted to say they were not able to say. So these numbers may not really mean much – or they may be spot on.
66% answered YES to believing in God and 34% answered No.
Of the “write in” answers – the most common was “I don’t know”. A write in answer that made me smile with total understanding was, “I’m skeptical but too chicken to say no.”

3. Do you eat meat?

VERY meaty group here! 88% of you guys consider yourselves meat-eaters.
I am amused that I am not the only one that wrote in to say “only chicken!!”

4. Did you eat pizza this week?

42% of you have had pizza and 54% of you have NOT had pizza and the write ins wanted to make sure I knew that the week wasn’t over!!

5. What kind of computer do you own?

Most of you (61.6%) are PC laptop owners, how about that. 9.1% have a mac laptop and 33.3% have a mac desktop. 39.4% of you are PC desktop users. The write-ins were giving props to their netbooks, Ipads and “husband’s Linux boxes” – alrighty then!

6. Do you dance well?

wow – I am surprised that only 31% of us think we dance well. (it doesn’t mean we DO) 67% of you think you don’t dance well (but I bet you are just fine!)

7. Do you have a crush on a celebrity?

Now here is where I start to think you guys are messing with me. 70% of you said NO. Not even a little, tiny, flutter for Brian Williams or David Letterman?? The rest of you guys confessed to having a crush and some of you even (yay!) told me who you were crushing on. I have no idea who (& no judgement) but one of you has a crush on Jack Black – and that is just brilliant.

8. Do you know who the mayor is?

24% do not (funny- I answered that I didn’t know – but I TOTALLY know who the mayor is AND I follow him on twitter! ha!) and 76% do know the mayor.

9. You can only have one….

Wow – you guys are 74% coke products vs 26% pepsi products

10. What is your dream car?

31% of you are driving your dream car – go you! 9% of you do not drive. The overwhelming answer for dream cars were hybrid followed (very closely) by minivan. The funny thing about the minvan answer? Almost every single person that put that answer basically said, “please don’t laugh – but minivan”. There must be some secret minivan shame going on. The car answers after that were incredibly detailed and amazing – and mostly vintage!

11. Do you like your feet?

58% of you do like your feet, 29% do not, 13% shared things like: “meh”

12. Do you like your hair?

I LOVE that 67% of you do. 17% do not and 16% were middle of the road, “sometimes” “some days” “not today”

13. Are you currently wearing plaid?

You know I gasped out loud when I saw that ONLY 3% of you guys were wearing plaid. WTF?!

14. Do you own anything plaid?

Another shocker – 49% of you own plaid clothing and 51% of you DO NOT OWN PLAID CLOTHING!! Fine. I will be your plaid. Claim me. You all need more plaid in your life.

15. Are you wearing makeup right now?

33% of you read my blog with a bit of makeup on (you look very pretty!) and 67% of you are looking at me without makeup (you look very pretty too!!)

16. Have you considered plastic surgery?

Now I purposefully did not elaborate on this question because I know that there are a lot of surgeries that some people consider elective and some consider life saving and yadda yadda. This was more of an esteem question.
37% of us admitted to considering plastic surgery and 63% have not

17. Do you own Doc Marten shoes?

Well rock ON! 33% of us are still boot stomping! 64% of you probably gave your boots away to a thrift store when the 90’s ended.
And a write in person wanted to give a shout out to fluvogs.

18. Have you had your yearly female exam this year?

43% of you HAVE (WOO!!) 51% have not (ahem….get on that please)
6% of you had free passes

19. What is your sign?

There is an astrological tie! Aries and Scorpio both top the list with 12% each
Taurus, Leo, and Sagittarius are next – each with 10%
Libra is 9%, Cancer & Aquarius are both 8%
Gemini, Virgo, and Capricorn are 6%
And only 3% of you are Pisces

20. What is your favorite way to eat eggs?

The clear winner in the eggs question was scrambled with 29% of you preferring your eggs cooked this way.
Fried took second at 18%, followed by 15% of you that would like an omelet please.
Poached and Benedict were the next favorites with 10% and 9% of your votes. Egg salad got a few votes giving it 6% but hard-boiled and soft-boiled found no love – each bringing in 3% of the votes.
The write ins wanted to tell me that they are allergic to eggs OR that they would like their eggs in cake, thank you very much!

So what did you think of this survey stuff? Interesting? If I do it again what sort of questions would you like asked? The beauty of this is that it is truly anonymous. I have NO idea what answers belong to you.

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