(oh- and in case you didn’t see the update on the survey post- YES I will be sharing the answers with you. Of course! And if you had trouble seeing the survey there are now links directly to them. I’d love a few more people to play along but that’s just because I like numbers…)


So who else watched the wedding this morning (or has it taped and ready to watch later)? Spoiler Alert: IT WAS REALLY LOVELY! I set my alarm to wake me up just before six and had a blast watching the live event with friends from around the world via twitter. Being able to all gasp and giggle collectively was truly unique and special.


If you want to reenact the wedding I am providing you with some fun cut out dolls that you can have fun with. Enjoy! (more outfits available from Dover Publications) And I imagine some of you super crafty gals can create a paper wedding gown.



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