Did you notice the breeze change direction this morning? Did you see a butterfly change course? Maybe the heady scent of hyacinths reached your olfactory a block earlier than it usually does? You are welcome. Of course the ripple effect is all because of the enormous WOOSH that happened when I finally dropped my shoulders from hanging out around my ears.

Good grief some of you people know me really, really well. I might as well just be a rerun woman capable of only the same small collection of emotions. Obviously when I am stressed my go-to emotion is panic and the desire to get the fuck out of town. It actually has been a while since I had a good and fantastic panic so I was due. I should probably figure out what the proper reaction is to have two steps before panic…any ideas?

Yesterday W and I took Mom to a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day. I had to wake W up thirty minutes into his one and only nap. You can imagine how splendid my afternoon was with him. Parenting in public, especially when W is flailing, screaming, kicking, thrashing, hitting, throwing things is pretty sucky.

One minute before we were asked to leave the waiting room (I watched a woman go up to the receptionist and not too quietly ask her to please ask us to go somewhere else) I scooped W up and headed outside to sit on some benches a bit too close to busy traffic for my complete comfort, but at least his screams weren’t bouncing off walls. I watched him climb around the benches and applaud helicopters soaring overhead. That’s was my son.

Today begins putting things back in order. Mom is able to take public transportation again to work, W is now at pre school, and I am at the coffeeshop. I just responded applied to two job type things and I’m going to put together a package for people looking to self publish their books – surely people need affordable e-book covers designed, right?

All this is to say thanks for hanging in through my pity party. Now watch me kick some ass!

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