If you live in some houses you wake up on Easter morning and discover that the Easter bunny has left you baskets of candy-coated chocolate eggs, jelly beans, and oh my lands, marshmallow peeps. Some kids wake up and these delicious nummies are just waiting for them. But other kids, ahem, had to do some work for a Sunday morning of sweet treats.

OTHER kids had to write letters to the Easter bunny (because writing to Santa was just oh so much fun). And these same kids had to come up with clever snacks and gifts to leave the Easter bunny. Not sure if it was a coincidence but the day after Easter my Grandmother would go into a sort of carrot-incorporated-into-every-meal frenzy.

This is a recipe that my Great-Grandmother created so it has enough elegance to it that you can actually make it to go with your Easter feast (but it also works out if you suddenly find yourself with a windfall of carrots in the house).

Carrot Souffle

3 T shortening
3 T flour
1 C milk
½ t salt
dust of pepper
1 ½ C cooked carrots mashed until smooth
1 T minced onions
2 eggs, separate and beat

Make cream sauce of first five ingredients; add the cooked carrots, onion and beaten egg yolks. Beat egg whites very stiff and fold into mixture. Pour into oiled baking dish; set in pan of hot water. Bake in moderate oven 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Serve at once.

Article first published as Carrot Souffle for Easter Morning on Blogcritics

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