Ever have one of those stretches of days where you just feel SO uncontrollably moody? I’m in that. And the bummer is that it is too early to be PMS so this mood might be hovering for a bit until I can figure out how to zap out of it.

I know I have triggers in life that stress me out and make me anxious. And anxiety tends to make me depressed. And when I am depressed I bottle it up and then it either oozes out very slowly or it lashes out very pointedly.

Really I just feel bratty because I want nothing more than to lock myself in my room and sleep until I wake up because I am done sleeping. I’m frazzled and exhausted and oh so obnoxious right now.

I guess writing this out is really for me: it’s my attempt at releasing some of the pressure inside so I can equalize. I should be sleeping.

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