Better Than Sex Cake: my grandmother's recipeI was just way too curious to ignore Millie’s recipe for “Better Than Sex Cake“. I knew as soon as I transcribed it that I would be making it. So I did. And holy smokes it’s a pretty ALL CAPS kind of cake situation.

You know how you eat some cakes and they are all light and fluffy and you sort of entertain the idea of going back for another slice because, well for goodness sakes the first slice was just so delicate and wispy? Um, yeah. This is NOT one of those cakes. This is a cake that is basically a meal.

It’s served out of a bundt dish, which just looks, er, inappropriate considering the name of the cake (what? My mind went there.) and bundt cakes are typically denser. No need to frost these cake daddies. Just slice and serve. And you should know that no matter how thinly you slice this cake it will be a hunk of cake on your plate. (a hunk!! get it!! Sex! hunk!! um….)

I’ll spare you the obvious jokes about how sore your arm will get from stirring this incredibly dense batter of cake mix, pudding, melted German chocolate, sour cream, nuts (I used walnuts), and chocolate chips. I omitted the coconuts because unless it’s on a Girlscout cookie I don’t eat coconut.

The taste? It’s nummy. And after the first bite you do realize that maybe you should have had salad instead of lasagna for supper. There is a lot of stuff happening inside the cake and so your mind goes into overdrive tagging each flavor. I had a moment mid bite where my brain went, “oh! Pudding!”

So is it “Better than sex”? – Like I alluded to in my title, sadly, this is a one-sided review and I’m sure ya’ll do not want me to compare it the S-E-X. I’ll just say it’s a damn fine cake and I didn’t freak out when I saw it hanging out in the kitchen the next morning.

Better Than Sex Cake

1 small box of vanilla pudding
1 box yellow cake mix
4 eggs
1 pkg german chocolate (melted)
12 oz pkg semi sweet choc chips
1 small box sour cream 8 oz
1 cup coconut
1 cup nuts
½ c oil
½ c water

Mix cake mix, eggs, oil & water
Then add all other ingredients
Bake at 325 – 45 minutes
Bundt or tube pan

So let’s just gloss over the adorable fact that Millie had this recipe (and it was obviously something made often from the state of the hand-written recipe, on the back of an envelope of course). I did an internet search to see what else was out there in the world of “Better than Sex” desserts and it turns out that most of the recipes found start with a chocolate cake base instead of a yellow cake base.

Paula Deen’s recipe features crushed pineapple and no chocolate. There are actually several cakes out there with this name and many are chocolate, caramel and condensed milk- which, damn, doesn’t that sound good? But Millie’s recipe has a lot of very specific elements to it and after three pages of recipe hunting online I started to find variations using yellow cake mix and touting it as the “original” Better Than Sex Cake recipe… so there you go.

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