Thank you for all of the sweet birthday wishes to W yesterday. That was incredibly delicious to read throughout the day because parts of the day were kind of, well, less than savory. But shit happens, and sometimes it happens on a birthday, but you take the lemons and make lemon pudding birthday cake.

STEP ONE: Day before birthday have a Mama use her groovy mixmaster to whip up a birthday cake.

The mixmaster that Millie used for making cakes
The lemon pudding cake with lemon cool whip "frosting"

STEP TWO: Day before have a Lolly fall ‘beyond cold medicine sick’ and need a trip to the emergency room that turns into being admitted for all kinds of ‘oh my goodness this is TOTALLY beyond a cold’ problems.

STEP THREE: Wake up to a Mama singing some weird song that seems vaguely familiar but is not as awesome as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. Demand the song to change ASAP.

STEP FOUR: Insist on being carried down the stairs and delight that you are being offered whatever you want in the kitchen for breakfast. Seriously. WHATEVER YOU WANT! Look at your Mama like she is crazytown. Quickly decide on blueberry oatmeal and something you have been wanting to try forever…will she make it?? Will she make it?? WILL SHE MAKE IT?? Have mind blown when you realize that your Mama is, indeed, making you cocoa. OMG. (feel free to simply stir the cocoa and never actually drink it)

Birthday breakfast: blueberry oatmeal & first cup of cocoa ever

STEP FIVE: Change clothes and go to a really big building to visit Lolly. Have impromptu dance recital.

W does his Fred & Ginger routine at the hospital

STEP SIX: Flirt with cute nurses, hospital staff, miscellaneous doctors. Amaze your Mama by how well-behaved you are being. Run around Lolly’s hospital room and explore every nook and cranny. IT IS SO SO COOL AND AWESOME!!!

STEP SEVEN: Help Lolly bust out of the hospital. [with discharge papers] Endure a quick trip to the drug store where your Mama will buy you a giant Elmo balloon that will freak you out. Try to be cool. Fail.

STEP EIGHT: Receive presents!! WOOO!!! Refuse to put down new hammer and screwdriver.

STEP NINE: Allow yourself to be seated at the table so that a giant cake can be placed in front of you.


The presentation of the cake!


STEP TEN: Extinguish flame with your hammer and save the family.


Blowing candles is for babies.


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