I was able to get W in to see a doctor at the practice that (thankfully) was just mentioned to me this weekend as a place to check out for his wellness exams. It was hard to put up with the hour-long busy signal of the practice in the morning, but when I got through I was very relieved that they could see us the same day – especially since W was a new patient. The doctor was quiet and nice. He looked like the guy that was always served a fly in his soup by Grover. The diagnosis is an ear infection and Monday evening W had his first ever taste of  “pink” antibiotics.

This morning was the first non fever wake in three days. (Still above normal, but not a fever is great!) I decided to call him out sick from school today so that I could let him have as much rest today as possible.

Mom came home from work sick around noon yesterday and is still home sick today. I’m pretty sure I am at the end of a cold – but sheesh! Living in a germ factory is just the pits.

Random question for you: Anyone else ever have the hardest time getting groceries bagged for them when they bring their own bags to the store? Just me?

Another random question: W’s birthday is tomorrow. If I make his cake today (a lemon pudding cake with whipped topping as the “frosting”) – I should refrigerate it, right?

Speaking of W’s birthday I have zero plans for it. Other than making the cake. Part of me feels like a crap Mom for not planning something but then I think, eh. He had an amazing first birthday that some wonderful friends arranged for him. So it’s not a big deal that I’m not making a big deal, right? I think I’m just having day before anxiety. Which is silly because there isn’t a damn thing I can do about it.

I kind of think that I don’t really know what a typical kid’s birthday experience is supposed to be. My birthday is the day before Christmas and that just makes for a very different vibe. Due to the proximity of the holiday my birthday had its own Christmas morning feel to it. I think I want to do that for W.

But I don’t have to do that tomorrow. At age 2. (telling myself this. You guys are just having to put up with my silly ramblings…)

(and if you haven’t been clicking over to check- take a look at the recipe rolodex page)

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