This is not usually the place where I would jot down a dream, but I so seldom remember dreams lately and I JUST remembered the one I had last night and because it was kind of smile inducing I figured I would put it out into the universe, much like I like to leave dimes on sidewalks every now and then.

Of course I don’t remember the beginning of the dream, I just remember being on a hill. Yes. EXACTLY like the Sound of Music hill. And it was windy and cool – but in the lovely way that I like it. Crisp and refreshing. I realized that I was looking for something and I remember laughing at myself in my dream because what I was looking for was IMPOSSIBLE. But I went walking up and around this hill with the wind flipping my hair around.

I was looking for a triple rainbow. And no, I have no idea what that actually looks like, but it was something beyond a double rainbow – it was double rainbow +1. And ha ha ha – impossible.

But the funny thing about the dream is that I totally found one. I don’t know what it showed up as, but I am clear that in my dream I saw it. And that is all I remember – just that I was looking for this impossible thing and that I found it.


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