Original Recipe Transcribed:
Pastry:  ½ stick butter, melt. Add 12 graham crackers, ½ cup sugar. Bake 8 minutes 375°

Filling: melt 25¢ milk choc. hershey bar with 17 24 Curtis marshmallows, ½ C sweet milk. Let cool. Beat (with mixer), Add ½ C (½ of ½ pint) whipping cream. Fold in. Pour in graham cracker crust. Chill. At serving time spread whipping cream over. Add almonds.

Millie’s Notes Transcribed:
½ envel plain gelatin
6 Almond Hershey bars, ½ C Milk
28 marshmallows
8 oz. Cool Whip


So what are “Curtis Marshmallows”? They were just a brand that were popular at one point. Their biggest claim to fame was that they invented a product called Snowflake Marshmallow Creme that was referred to as SMAC. Good stuff, right?

And who was Bea? She was a family friend, a dear friend of Millie’s actually (possibly a sorority sister from an earlier class). She and her husband had a avant garde home on a hill in the woods near a lake that she opened often with all the hospitality of a true Southern belle.

I am most amused by Millie’s complete rewriting of the recipe. And what a re-writing it was to go from one plain milk chocolate candy bar to SIX almond bars.  Well done, Millie, well done! (And such a to do over the number of marshmallows…)


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