Here we are! Well it’s a day early because I think she would have been annoyed if I debuted such a project on April 1st. To be honest I have happily decided to be very fluid with this next project because I don’t know where it will take me. I know that I am going to be starting to pull together and work on my book about Alzheimer’s and caregiving (surprise!) and it just feels right that as I surround myself with some incredibly painful moments of Millie’s life that I also bring forward some amazingly wonderful moments. And for me most of those moments were in the kitchen.

Millie collected recipes religiously and at one point an entire wall in her kitchen was filled with cookbooks from around the world. I have saved many of the more special books to cherish. But when I think of Millie cooking I think of her rolodex. I think of the sound it made as she turned it and I think of the care she took organizing and tending to it.

She had two rolodexes: savory and sweet. And because she often requested dessert before her meal that is how we will begin here.

I will share a recipe from her rolodex and invite you to try it, comment on it, pass it along. I might relive some of the recipes myself but I know that it is unrealistic of me to attempt to make every recipe I share.

I also invite you to track down Grandmother recipes if you can. Of the recipes I will share maybe 20% are original Millie- most are from friends and the rest are torn from newspapers or magazines. They are from an era where dinner parties happened weekly. They are special. Enjoy!

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