Obviously it’s the rain. Clearly it’s the head cold. Perhaps it’s because I had a glass of wine last night. But dropping W off at school this morning was particularly hard on me. And when I say hard I don’t mean difficult in a traditional sense. I am thrilled that he is in school. I actively made this happen. I just mean “hard” in that by now having a day two of school it’s a full on tumble towards his next era of life.

W is swiftly approaching the age where I will refuse to refer to him by months. I’m just not that good at math. I still sometimes have to pause to remember his birthday because I am forever, impulsively, thinking “April 2nd” – which was his due date. The date that I fixated on for what seemed like an eternity and I still have this bizarre fondness for it. I wonder when the knowledge of the date will fade away because it doesn’t seem like the kind of thing I should retain when there will be so many other important dates to cherish.

This morning I brought him to the room for two and three year olds and W was a bit shy and thigh hugging. I wondered if this would happened, expected it even. We hung his backpack and his jacket and I asked him to show me around. So he took me on a tour of the room and it was so sweet to see the things that he enjoyed. When we had finished the lap I said that I was going to go bye-bye but that I would be back. He crowed, “BYE BYEEEEEE!!!” but then seemed to realize that I was leaving. And there was a bit of sadness. He bounced from foot to foot and then turned around and joined another child in the play kitchen.

And now I am in my new make shift office at the coffee shop getting ready to work on my April project. It’s raining and the place is a bit more crowded than it was on Tuesday. Time to plug in and recharge.

{ASIDE: Also on my mind are two dear friends of mine that could use some cheer. Do me a favor though. These ladies are going to get tons of fantastic comments that will be oh so perfect and kind. And that is just as it should be. I also think they need comments that are incredibly silly and nonsensical. So if you have a joke or something funny to share – go tell it to JJ or Jen.  You can tell them that Calliope made you do it.}

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