On the same day I made the most amazing, yummy and savory waffles I also made a super giant waffle MESS. The mess was so awful that this might be the end of my waffle love for a while. Thirty plus minutes digging out goop from a waffle iron and the magic is certainly faded.

My success was following the recipe found here for cheddar cornbread waffles. Oh my they were good! When I make them again I want to add some garlic powder and caramalyzed onions.

The failure was my brownie waffle attempt. I have now learned that I should have omitted the oil that the recipe on the box calls for and subsituted butter. Which, obviously! I am nervous to try this again so I might let some of ya’ll give it a try and let me know how it goes. This is the plan that I would try if I were to try this again.

My apologies for the total crime against chocolate that happened…I did manage to salvage the batter that wasn’t used and we made a tiny pan of brownies in the oven.

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