Saturday W got his first haircut. I consider this to be super advanced as I was nearly five before I had my first haircut. (Although I just pulled up this photo and showed Mother and it clearly looks like I have bangs here so I’m thinking home trims must have been happening, right? She shrugs. Says my hair just grew that way. Ummmmm…)

But back to W because oh my goodness this morning he was this squishy and delicate looking baby and now he looks like a freshman ready to pack his bags and leave me. It is both exhilarating and overwhelming to see him so quickly changed. And perhaps it is an appropriate prologue of feelings for what is to come as in a few days school begins and I know I will really see changes in my baby then.

He was less than thrilled about getting his hair cut and cried for the entire time. Thankfully we went to a place that was very, very fast and the cut took just over 7 minutes from wetting the hair to the silly swish of brushing away the loose hair at the end.

He was all smiles and kisses as soon as it was over and when the hair dresser asked me to pull my wet hair out of my bun he thought that was so funny. Then it was OH MY GOODNESS so so funny when she asked me to sit down and she pulled out her scissors and began to fix the butcher job I did with the kitchen scissors a few weeks ago. I asked her if she had time to do a proper trim and Mother and W ran around the store while I tried to not look at myself in the mirror.

[seriously I can’t stand to watch myself get a haircut.]

The hair dresser (who was actually the owner of the place) was so sweet to all of us and I could not believe how affordable both W’s & my cuts were. (phew!) My hair is sassy now, by the way.

Next it was a stop to where W will be going to school. I wanted to show Mother where it was and I wanted to do another drive there before his first day on tuesday. I have been talking about “school” all week- pointing out schools when we are in the car, talking about characters in books going to schools…just trying to put the word, even if it is a bit abstract, into his head. His school has an amazing playground that they allow the community to use so it presented a perfect activity for us to do after haircuts.

****zinging feelings about him growing him so so so fast***

The last stop of our morning was Target where we were in search for the perfect toddler backpack. We sorted through all of the characters (and the holy heck! $35 backpacks!) and W and I both saw The One at the same time. Elmo for the win! I think W was calling it his purse, which makes sense and is absolutely adorable.

Ch ch ch ch changes…


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