Look, ya’ll are just going to have to ride out this waffle phase with me, ok? I’m not stopping until I get to waffle brownies. (YES.) I looked at several recipes for French Toast waffles and so many of them had reviews that said things were too runny, too soggy or too bland. The recipe that I opted to use only had a handful of reviews (compared to the others) but I was drawn to the super basic ingredients and the promise of crunchy. I do love crunchy.

One of my anxieties about making French toast the conventional way is the egg factor. I worry about whether or not it is cooking all the way and then I worry if I am making things too eggy or not eggy enough. Basically I suck at making French toast but it doesn’t stop me from trying (and failing). This recipe only called for two eggs and with the divots of the waffle maker I felt certain that everything was cooking properly. Woo for divots!

(side note – the word “divot” always makes me think of the movie Pretty Woman. Know what I mean?)

So cut up some day old french bread and put them in a casserole kind of dish. Then in one big measuring cup whisk together milk, eggs, sugar, cinnamon, pure vanilla and some melted butter. Pour the liquid mixture over the bread and shuffle the bread around to make sure things are getting coated. Turn on your waffle maker and when it is ready you can put four pieces of bread on it and press down. Three minutes later your world will be rocked.

Get the recipe here.

[imagebrowser id=6]

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