If you stopped watching or never started watching count yourself lucky. I was so close to quitting the show but then I got sucked back in because of this one story line they dangled (even though it would have been IMPOSSIBLE) but I love Addy and like a moth to the flame I tune in.

And now Grey’s. I’m not saying anything about last night’s show or the preview for next week’s show. But if you have seen it you know what I mean, right? For fuck’s sake! I mean I know it is a drama but- ok I can’t complete my thought without going into plot points so I’m biting my tongue.

I know these shows are dramas and schmucks like me get sucked in for one reason or other, but this one specific element of doom week after week (season after season) is brutal.

(if you talk plot points in comments please do an ALL CAPS SPOILER ALERT as a heads up – which is my way of saying – please, please, please- can we talk about this?!!)

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