It’s the days after a tragedy that can be the hardest to deal with. The immediate rush of love and support sort of fades away and you are left standing on an island with a giant suitcase full of emotions and feel like there is no one there to help you unload them.

This is a suitcase we all stumble around life with. But some days that bag is fucking heavy. In the days after a tragedy, in the weeks, the months, when that bag is heavy it is hard to carry the weight on your own. You know this. You have been through this. But remember this when you read about a tragedy online in our blog world. Remember that after the shock and after the rush of love and tender words those in need will not raise their hand and ask you to come abide with them.

If you recently read a blog post about someone having a hard time, or going through the worst of times – yes be with them now. Yes. But put a note in your schedule and remind yourself to check on them in a few days, in a week. When you realize that they haven’t posted in a while…

When comments go from the 100’s to the 0’s it can feel like you are on the island with the heavy suitcase all alone. And our friends are never alone. You are not alone.

If you know of anyone that you feel like needs some comment love today (or tomorrow, or next week) leave their URL in the comments. Even if it is you. (And if you feel squicky about saying, “I need love!” you don’t have to leave your name)

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