I was up too late last night. It happens. When I finished working I went into the kitchen to take my night-time pills and I happened to look up at the shelves we have high in the kitchen. I made eye contact with our waffle maker. It was a birthday gift given to me a few years ago and it makes fantastic waffles. Seriously. It’s the kind of waffle maker that has the handle that you flip over so that every inch of the waffle gets cooked perfectly. mmmmm.

So I’m eying this beautiful machine and realizing that we don’t make waffles that often. Maybe every other month, if that. I like a waffle, a nice and simple waffle. But I started wondering if that was all that the machine was capable of.

I then spent way too long looking up waffle recipes: cornmeal/cornbread waffles, cheese waffles, sourdough waffles, french toast waffles (you make it with day old bread!)….someone on twitter told me about red velvet waffles and I almost fainted.

Clearly I need to get cooking. My poor neglected waffle maker is going to get a work out. Now I just need to figure out what to make first.

This is where you tell me what else I can make in my waffle maker. I’m going to the grocery store this afternoon so chime in!

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