I continue to flip through these awesome vintage Sesame Street books hunting down the perfect art for W’s new room. We got these great 5×7 GREEN frames from Ikea and I thought I would frame them in a cluster.

We got two fiskevik photo hangers from Ikea which is usually used to hang photos from a chain attached to a clip. Our plan is to use the clips of this handy dandy device and hold the frames in place between the two vertical hangers. Bonus is that it means less holes in the wall. (see? Always forward thinking!) Cross your fingers that this works because I think it will look pretty darn cute.

So now I just need to figure out if I want a hodgepodge of characters or a sort of theme within the theme of Sesame Street. I like the idea of letters – and there are lots of cute images to pick from there. But then I found Grover’s alphabet and well…Only I wonder if this would concern him as some of the poses Grover assumes look painful.

[imagebrowser id=4]

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