{side note: I originally published this post yesterday, but because of a setting I turned on to hide some categories from showing up on my front page it never showed up. My apologies if this is a rerun for you!}

As I began to reach the end of the March Makeover project I started to wonder…what next? I have enjoyed not only having this project but also writing about it. I also enjoyed having a bit of a project in February with the love notes (even though that fizzled out a bit earlier than I would have liked).

So what next? What would be something fun to work on in April – a month that will be VERY new for me as I will have the luxury of a few hours a week to work. Most of this time will (hopefully!!!) be spent working on jobs for Plaid House – but in the in between I want to have something new here.

{side note: Spring is a wonderful time to freshen up your blog and/or decide to put the big blog pants on and go self-hosting and get a new look. Good thing you know some people that can help you with that….ahem}

When Marta was here this weekend helping me in the home stretch with W’s room we took a break while he napped and made pretzels. Yes. Pretzels. (and oh my goodness were they GOOD!)

We were in the kitchen for a while laughing and chatting and as I reached for a bowl on the top shelf one of Millie’s Recipe Rolodexes caught my eye.

That is when I knew what my next project would be. I knew it in my bones. Here is a hint.

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