It was an all-nighter kind of situation. We had W set up in his pack n play in Mom’s room and she slept on the sofa in the living room. And all was well. Until Mom’s tv clicked on at 5:45am on timer and then W was UP and so excited to realize that he really did spend the night in his Lolly’s room. This means that I did not get much sleep. This means that I am a most excellent flavor of cranky.

But did I mention? I finished painting?! (ok, this is not entirely true. Mother has pointed out that I missed a spot above the window- the paint was the same color as the primer and it was hard to tell where I had been and where I still had to go…)

Photos will be up later tonight but oh it is so fresh and clean and the room looks much, much bigger. It was so much work, but I am so glad I did it (with more than a little help from Marta and Mother).

Thankfully W and I have a playdate later this morning with good friends that probably won’t mind a bit that I show up with bags under my eyes and flecks of paint in my hair.

Also? I got this stuff to clean my hands up after painting. The primer was some serious, big girl kind of paint. We wanted to put that on just in case we didn’t get any of the wallpaper residue off. But the primer is not something you can wash off with soap and water hence the special product. But late, late, late in the evening I squint and read the directions of this goo off stuff and it says in pretty much all caps DO NOT PUT ON SKIN. So…um.

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