Suddenly the weekend got away from me and I am just now getting these photos up. I really can’t quite get a good position to photograph the room – and I’m using a semi wide lens. You know I’ll be investigating a way to show you the room better. We might be looking at a video at the end of the month, brace yourself.

The photos here chronicle the insane amount of work it was to not just paint W’s room but prep it. There were some big time cracks in the wall (BIG) and that meant literally hours of spackle and sanding. Then there is the long list of things to do before the fun kind of painting can even start (taping around windows, using a small brush to paint around edges).You will also see my genius idea I had to protect W’s crib from any paint splatter: I used a large fitted sheet and covered the entire crib. I was very proud of this idea as well as using paper grocery bags on the floor.

FINALLY the primer went up. This was so exciting. Seriously. The entire room changed and was so different. I don’t know if energy or memories get absorbed in walls, and who is to say that there was bad energy there (I never felt anything bad), but when the light walls happened I swear I felt the room smile. The color (whitened sage by Behr) is probably a bit more on the gray scale than I would have thought but within the gray tone is our little secret whisper of green. And it is so so so so faint.

I worked really hard to paint the room well, you might even say I was a tad paranoid. Partly I wanted the room to look nice for W but really I was thinking about doing a nice job for the owner of the house. It was nice to remove the tape this morning and realize that I had done a better job in his room than was done in all the other rooms of the house (done before we moved in). So I am officially relaxing about that.

Oh- another thing you can see in the photos is something I need advice on. Somehow, even though I thought I had done a good job to prevent it, moisture from the steamer got on the floor. There is now a sort of patch of discoloration on the hardwood from the hot water. I had hoped it would go away after a day, but it hasn’t. Is there something I can do for the floor?

[imagebrowser id=3]

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