It took us just under twenty minutes to get to the school where the, well I guess “part-time pre school” for lack of a better phrase, is located. We sang for the entire drive and W made sure to point out every truck we passed. We were a wee bit late and totally went into the wrong door and found a gym where some older kids were having their lessons but we curved our way through the building, went up the stairs and found the office. And then we were walking around looking at a classroom for the 4 and 5 year olds and then looking at the classroom for the 2 and 3 year olds.

The place was so cheerful and vibrant and yet calm. Hardwood and primary colors. I knew instantly that if there was a spot and they would have us that this was a place that I wanted W to be.

And as luck would have it they do want us and there is a spot. His first day of school is March 29th. Now we have to find a backpack for him and the task has me both weepy and giddy.

I was given a copy of the lesson plan for the month of March, was introduced to the woman who will be his teacher (oh my goodness – she has a masters!), was shown where his cubby will be, shown the high-tech security system, and given loads of paperwork to have completed by his first day.

W had a sort of nonreaction to the morning. Lots of flirting with the teachers, lots of wanting to get down to run around, but obviously no realization of what we were doing. And I didn’t make a big deal out of things at all. I figure there is time for that, if a big deal needs to be made.

So. Do you think they make little plaid backpacks?

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