Counting down the days (2!) until we can get paint on the wall in W’s room. In the meantime I have been working with arrangement of things. In a room of this size there are not many options and that is just fine by me. Unlike my Mother and my Grandmother I am very much the kind of person that likes to put furniture in place and then never rearrange it again. I have no idea why I do not share the same delight of rearranging like the other women in my family. My Grandmother would spend hours and hours sketching out floorplans while my Mother just dives in and hauls sofa from one side of the room to the other.

I am guessing that my bizarre furniture stability issues stem from my dislike of change. Or at least dislike of change without notice. I will never forget the day I came home to a completely rearranged house and it totally, totally freaked me out. Like I was in tears because OMG! CHANGE!! Mother was thankfully sympathetic and was nice enough to not laugh too hard when I respectfully asked her to please submit, in writing, a notice an alert for furniture changes in the house.

Yes. I was that kid.

I think I have landed on an arrangement that will work and we are trying it out this week to see how W likes it. I wondered if he would have a hard time adjusting but he has literally NEVER slept better than he has this week.

Taking a good spacial photo of this room is hard – I need to try a different lens and maybe stand on a chair. But I’m sharing some that maybe give you an idea – PLUS a floor plan image from – love them!



I am also curious though…how you guys feel about rearranging furniture.
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