I have been enjoying the regular Monday morning group at my local library so much. I honestly can not imagine my week starting without the group of Moms, kids and the super cool librarian that puts us all in a room together and makes the fun happen. This Monday I was telling a Mom (that often cracks me up) that as much as I loooooooove our playgroup, wouldn’t it just be nice to drop the kids off and go home and nap or clean the house or do some work? And we threw our heads back and laughed and she pulled the crayon out of her daughter’s mouth and I pulled the sticker off of W’s nose.

A few minutes later a Mom that I hadn’t met before came over and said that she couldn’t help but over-hear my desire for a bit of childcare. (ah…the beauty of being a loud talker and an over-sharer!) She then begins to tell me about this amazing program. The more she talked the more Moms gathered around her. She was like an animated Disney princess and we were woodland forest creatures hanging on her every word.

Yesterday called the program and now W and I have an appointment for a meeting and tour on Friday morning. GULP.

The program that we are looking at is basically one of those “Mommy’s day out” deals – but there would be an actual curriculum with lessons planned. I would be able to enroll W for as many as 5 days a week from 8 – 12:30, but I am going to go with twice a week. We would have to wait until W turns 2 before he can begin but if we like it on Friday I think we can go ahead and get on the list.

It’s probably such a tiny, tiny step for many Moms out there. But it’s kind of a big deal for me. I really want W to be involved in a fun, yet structured environment and I think it will learn SO much. We both do so well with routine and having a pattern to our week would be great. I can use the time to create a proper work schedule for myself – something that I can not even begin to tell you how much I am craving.

And yet there is this little tug at my heart, this realization that with a step like this my W is growing. Which is exactly what I want him to do…and yet it’s going by so fast.

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